The east wind waked the willows

2022-06-05 0 By

A flying snow qingming no flowers, passers-by save step wine flag oblique.The east wind is waiting to wake the willows, today sad and drunk home.Two remote listen to the spring rain drunk melancholy, no plan piao recall hometown.Don’t envy the east wind blowing green grass, there are lanfang everywhere.Three poor spring waste wandering, once free and unfettered send back.Turbid tears silent residual wine cold, empty teach acacia dust.Four peach blossom with rain tired of fangfei, tired eyes sorrow to see swallows fly.Who can comfort me, clear and bright tears with clothes.Five willows sway wine flag in the wind, this year a new branch.Looking back at the river and sea waves far, the wild goose word into the book fear again late.Six apricot flower wind urgent catkin cloud surprised, baizhuanqianhui to ask clear.Candlestick unintentionally empty hate, have lonely rain is qingming.Seven tomb-sweeping day begonia red, straight floating clouds drunk blue sky.See bamboo why must a fine day, flying flowers dazzled in the mountains.Eight spring to the river silent, sunset solitary cloud Du Yu Ming.Night fishing ferry fish play bait, ashamed flower moonlight full mountain tilt.Nine yangchun freehand painting orchid, lonely east wind on residual.Blue sea tide flying jade snow, dong xiao a tie down appendix.Ten spring grass sprouts late day, lotus snow lotus root pregnant silk.Cloud ruler element by who send, cut candle west window not sometimes.