When winter Olympic athletes meet, how do they greet each other

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Episode 247 edit | Matthew wrote lines | Tennessee killings painting | Chinese fir wood LinFZ – 1 – freestyle skiing women’s big platform, the Chinese team player GuAiLing at 1620 degrees of difficulty of the world’s highest gold;China’s Su Yiming won gold in the men’s snowboard platform with a five-body stroke of 1,800 degrees.-2- Yuzuru Hanyu, a Japanese figure skater, attempts the quadruple jump (4A), which is called “impossible for human beings”.Russian figure skater Maria Trusova’s unique “crab walk” also challenges the human body to the limit: the back is almost parallel to the ice, and only the legs on the ice to maintain balance.-3- In the men’s 1,000m short track speed skating final, wu Dajing touched the hand of Ren Ziwei in front of him, indicating him to go first, and stuck his position to help Ren Ziwei win the gold medal for China.Sitting on a sled, lying on a sled, lying on a steel sled.The three sports can share a track with speeds of 130 to 150 kilometers per hour.Yan Wengang of China took bronze in the steel bobsled.-5- In men’s ice hockey, Russia and Sweden came to blows. The fight was so violent that the referee got punched.Although hockey has a long tradition of fighting, fighting is a foul and punishable.Meanwhile, Chinese actor Wu Jing, who has a long career in action movies, was officially named world ambassador of ice hockey on Feb 10.-6- The ice track for curling is not completely flat and has a layer of tiny ice grains.The pitcher tosses the pitcher to the base camp, where a teammate wipes the ice with an ice brush to melt the grains and allow the stone to glide faster.-7- The technique of adding grab board in air rotation can not only give extra points to skiers, but also control body stability;It is the privilege of the short track speed skater to touch the ice in the turn. First, it is to support the body, and second, it is to expand the pushing force of the ice and play the role of acceleration.-8- Short track speed skating track 111.12m, the whole course is in high speed motion, collision, fall and other situations happen from time to time, easy to be scratched by other athletes’ skates, so you must wear a helmet.At 400 meters of speed skating, hooded suits tightly wrap athletes’ hair to reduce wind resistance.Special note: the dialogue in this cartoon is purely fictional “Oh my Rabbit” cartoon · 25 season click into “Oh my rabbit shop” ▼ about “Oh my rabbit” China News Weekly animation IP.They are four rabbits.You’ve probably seen them in your life, or you think you are them.Maybe you think the world is changing so fast and there are so few people to talk to.The rabbits thought it was more important to say something interesting than to say it.A person talk boring, that and smoked rabbit have what difference?Jane always has people thinking she’s a guy.Does she care?She didn’t care.She thought she was sharp enough to smoke and think like Lu Xun.The crow’s feet may have exaggerated his age, but they didn’t hide his obsession with reading.Don’t blame him for being serious; he just hates triviality.Boo Boo If you always love your friend too, you will understand why she is like a fool.Yes, we have no reason to doubt her intelligence.ABU called it bandage rabbit.Man like the wind.King of adrenaline.Hormones out of control.The defiant god of sleep.Hedonism, but he’s good.The copyright belongs to China News Weekly, infringement will be investigated