Flagship configuration phone price is affordable, 120Hz high brush +65W flash charge, the top match dropped to 1594

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With the development of the smart phone market, the whole industry is more and more like the traditional industry, began to have a very clear distinction, and in the whole market, we can buy very good mobile phone products in the price of high-end machine, mid-end machine and low-end machine.But now due to the fierce competition in the whole market, in fact, the dividing line is becoming more and more blurred. Many functions of high-end mobile phones have been relegated to middle and even low-end mobile phones.And many of the hallmarks of low-end phones, such as plastic bodies and integrated fingerprint recognition, are showing up on expensive high-end phones.And take the mobile phone is the most important processor chip, a lot of high-end mobile phone, carrying the chip performance, strong didn’t even some mid-range phones, like the glory of the release of 60 pro, pick up is 778 g, qualcomm Xiao dragon want to know that this is a top-of-the-line phone prices close to 4000 yuan, the chip is carrying on the some one thousand yuan.Of course, in other places, this phone is definitely much better than other thousand yuan phones. We just want to show that chip is not the definition of high-end and low-end phones. On the contrary, some inexpensive phones can still carry good chips, such as Realme GT Neo2T.As a sudden rise over the past two years and the hot cell phone brand, for OPPO brand realme, are popular with many users, one of the main is a cost-effective, for most users in fact as long as the price is good enough, after all, high-end mobile phone products, destined to users to buy only money, but money users was destined to just a few,Realme GT Neo2T is such a good cost performance mobile phone product, configuration is very front, the price is not too expensive, no problem cost-effective product.In terms of appearance, realme GT Neo2T has only two colors. These two colors are the most classic glaze white and ink-black colors. Both colors are very beautiful.The phone has a very delicate feeling when you hold it in your hand. The glass on the back uses 7 layers of nano-level optical coating, and the mirror surface also adopts the principle of diffuse reflection. The whole is very bright, especially the feeling of direct sunlight, and the sense of quality is not like the product at this price.On the front of the phone, Realme GT Neo2T is equipped with a 6.43-inch Samsung AMOLED screen, which has a high refresh rate of 120Hz, making the display effect quite smooth. The high refresh rate also makes playing games and watching videos more smooth. The touch sampling rate of 360Hz,It is also more comfortable when playing games.The thickness of the phone is only 8.4mm, and the weight is controlled at around 186g. Combined with 2.5D microcurved glass on the back, the RealMe GT Neo2T is thin and light, and feels good at the same time.In terms of configuration, Realme GT Neo2T is still the leading level at the same price. It is equipped with a Mediatek Breguet 120-AI processor chip, which is mediatek’s flagship chip product. With UFS3.1 ROM, the overall performance is excellent and balanced, and the smooth operation of mainstream game products is not a problem.The built-in 4500mAh battery is not a big problem to meet the daily use of the day, and also supports 65W flash charge, it only takes 35 minutes to fill the phone.The rear 64 million pixel three-shot lens can also meet users’ daily shooting needs.At present, the price of realme GT Neo2T is quite favorable. With flagship configuration, the price of 12GB+256GB top configuration version has dropped to 1594 yuan, which is quite good in the same price.