Innovate foreign classroom teaching and share high-quality education between urban and rural areas

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Teachers of the Port district participated in the information technology application ability enhancement 2.0 training.Taohua Bay Middle School and Qisha Town Middle School carry out foreign classroom activities.Gangkou District No. 5 Primary School went to Qisha Town Central Primary School to carry out foreign classroom activities.Gangkou Guangpo Town Middle School to Jinwan Middle School to carry out foreign classroom activities.Gangkou Guangpo Town Central Primary School and Gangkou No.1 Primary School carried out synchronized classroom activities.Since the launch of the special action of “Emancipating the Mind, Changing the Style and Improving the Ability”, the Port District has deeply practiced the education and teaching concept of “comprehensive training, full teaching and research, and full quality teaching”, steadily promoted the balanced and high-quality development of education, and made efforts to create “education synergy”.Taught harbor bureau on how to “solve problems, to conquer difficulties, break through the bottleneck” to conduct in-depth research, widely listen to advice, innovative teachers team construction and teaching study to communicate with school districts “trinity” of the foreign experience of classroom teaching activities, promote city elementary and middle schools and primary and middle schools in the villages and towns (villages) form a dynamic foreign correspondence school,Relevant teachers go to foreign schools to carry out teaching experience activities covering all classes, increasing the opportunities for urban and rural teachers to learn from each other, realizing the complementarity of urban and rural education resources and promoting the sharing of quality education between urban and rural areas.In the past, teachers mostly carried out teaching activities in this school, familiar with the environment, familiar faces, familiar teaching methods, most of them stayed in the day after day to complete the teaching task, has produced habitual fatigue.Some teachers in urban schools work for a long time under the conditions of superior teaching environment, teaching conditions and students’ source objects, and lack of motivation;The conditions of teachers working in rural primary and secondary schools and remote village-level primary schools are relatively difficult, and some teachers regard this as an excuse for being willing to lag behind.Since the launch of the foreign classroom teaching experience activity, all primary and secondary schools in this area, from school-level leaders to ordinary teachers, attach great importance to this activity, regard it as a challenge and a platform to improve their teaching ability, and all members actively participate in it.From wise guidance to effective deployment, from collective lesson preparation to heterogeneous classes, the teaching and research atmosphere of primary and secondary schools in the district has become stronger.The foreign classroom teaching experience activities were colorful, and the teaching and learning of all schools in the region were unprecedented harvest and surprise.This teaching experience activity not only enriched teachers’ teaching experience and experience, enhanced teachers’ dedication and sense of responsibility in education, but also further updated the teaching concept, promoted the common development of teachers and students in different regions, comprehensively improved teachers’ teaching quality, and improved the overall quality of education and teaching in the whole region.Teachers said that the foreign classroom teaching exchange activities brought them a new experience and exercise;The children’s innocent smiling faces and thirst for knowledge further enhance their sense of mission and happiness in education.Information technology power, deepen teaching reform Harbor depth fusion, to promote information technology and education teaching in-depth comprehensive promote the teaching and learning reform, implement the “three a comprehensive” : the principal leadership of informatization, information teachers’ teaching ability, training team information guidance ability significantly increased, comprehensively promote the development of information fusion technology and the education teaching innovation.In April 2021, Gangkou district became one of the 10 guangxi Primary and secondary school teachers’ information Technology application ability Improvement Project 2.0 innovation experimental areas.Primary and secondary schools in the area are equipped with multimedia equipment to assist teaching, and gradually build “synchronous interactive classrooms” to realize simultaneous online interactive teaching, online teaching and research and online learning between teachers and students in urban and rural schools, deepening inter-school teaching and research exchanges, and effectively improving the level of teaching and research.The teachers of Jinwan Primary School successfully delivered classes to the students of Qisha Town Central Primary School and Jinwan Primary School at the same time by using the newly equipped Xiwo teaching software.The interaction between students in different places gives full play to the positive role of modern technology equipment in education and teaching, and greatly improves teachers’ information technology application ability.On December 6, 2021, Guangpo Town Central Primary School and Gangkou No. 1 Primary School carried out synchronous live interactive classes through distance teaching mode to promote the topic of “One variable” training and research strategy in Rural Primary School Classroom teaching “encounter problem variable training theme activity.Students from the two places can have a class together by means of real-time remote audio and video interaction using “synchronous interactive classroom” remote teaching equipment.The main line of the classroom is synchronous live distance classroom education, combined with asynchronous tutoring, courseware delivery, on-demand and other teaching methods, to achieve high-quality whole-course teaching and service, enrich the classroom teaching mode, and promote the communication and sharing between schools.In 2021, about 1380 full-time primary and secondary school teachers in Gangkou district participated in foreign classroom experience activities, including backbone teachers, academic leaders, senior teachers and special-grade teachers.These high standard and high quality courses can be enjoyed by schools and students through exchanges between different regions to promote the compulsory education in the port area to achieve high quality continuously.(Photo provided by Education Science Bureau, Port District)