Professor Zhong Zhenzhen reading ancient Chinese poetry with you (230)

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Dr. Zhong Zhenzhen was born in Nanjing in 1950.He is currently professor and doctoral supervisor of Nanjing Normal University.Director of the Institute of Ancient literature Collation.He is also the advisor professor of “Chinese Culture Research Scholarship for Foreign Scholars” of China Scholarship Council, president of Chinese Verse Society, vice president of Global Chinese Poetry Association, consultant of Chinese Poetry Society, general consultant of CCTV Poetry Conference, consultant of Poetry platform of “Small Building Listening to Rain”, distinguished Professor of National Library of China.He has been invited to give lectures in more than 30 famous overseas universities such as Yale and Stanford.Professor Zhong Zhenzhen will accompany you to read ancient Poetry (230) Water Dragon Yin and rhyme [Song] Li Zengbo Jingzhou near China, several gains and losses sun Liu hand.Mountains and Rivers, Southeast Te family, yue he light grant.Tears fall monument, crane is back to the city, unbearable to look back.Xi Dike spring scenery, changchun town, sheep and land, which can.I still have the scenery.Willow camp deep, iron clothes idle day.Mo Yun sheng qi, chasing the army horse foot, walk fox mouth.The past in succession, pay the savage touch, forget zhuang Sou.Someone yan, in the night smell chicken, sword is candle fighting.Li Zengbo (1198-?)The characters are long and rough, and the number is Kzhai.His ancestral home was Huaizhou (today’s Qinyang, Henan), and he moved to Jiaxing (today’s Zhejiang).Through Confucian of land, degree of dynasties, had Ren Huai east, HuaiXi zhizhishi, know jing river government (now) in guangxi guilin area, guangxi and transit to running conciliation system of jing lake calm place to jiangling, know mansion (now in jingzhou city, hubei province area) and HuGuang master, real talent state road alignment ambassador, sichuan XuanFuShi, know (now fujian) and fujian fuzhou conciliation,Hunan pacifying ambassador and know Tanzhou (today’s Changsha area), know Qingyuan House (today’s Ningbo area of Zhejiang province) and coastal system set envoy, post to the Temple of Guan Wen bachelor.He strongly fought against the Mongolian military invasion, in front of the military and political positions, in the border affairs know everything.Because of the rape phase Jia Sidao jealous rejection, eventually impeached to take office, failed to show its talent.He is the author of Ke Zhai Class Manuscripts.Now there are more than 200 ci poems, in the Class manuscripts.”And rhyme”, another poet “Water Dragon Yin · Decugly February xiangyang get jie and Liu system can rhyme” words, this closely followed, tone, rhyme are the same, when it is the same title at the same time.Guichou, namely li Zong Baoyou first year (1253).At that time, ci ren Jing Lake pacification system set, know Jiangling House, and huguang chief collar.In January of that year, the Mongolian army crossed the Han River, and tunwanzhou (now Wanzhou District of Chongqing), jinghu Dutonggao under the command of Ci Poet won the war with the Mongolian army (see History of Song · Li Zongji).Good news came, it was February, ci was in Xiangyang (today’s Hubei province).Originally occupied by the Mongol army, the first two years, i.e., the 11th year of Li Zong Chunyou, were just recovered by song army led by Gao And others in 1251 and placed under the jurisdiction of jinghu Pacifying System.Liu Jican, name, deeds unknown.A counsellor or staff officer who is the military assistant to a military envoy.According to the meaning of the question, it can be known that after the successful news, Liu Jiecan first had the “Water Dragon Yin” of the word chant, the poet with its rhyme to the two geng and.”Jingzhou”, one of the thirteen provincial departments of the Han Dynasty, mainly administered today’s Hubei, Hunan.Here refers to the core area of ancient Jingzhou, namely jiangling, Xiangyang area in the Southern Song Dynasty.”Shenzhou”, “Shiji · Mencius Xun Qing biography” contained in the Warring States period, qi Zou Yan said China called “Chian County Shenzhou”.In the late Southern Song Dynasty, it often refers to the central Plains occupied by the Mongols.”Jingzhou close to China”, that Jingzhou from the Central Plains very close to the Northern Expedition has an important strategic significance.”Several gains and losses in the hands of Sun Liu”, at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Jingzhou was owned by Liu Biao.In the thirteenth year of Emperor Xian jian ‘an (208), Liu Biao died, and his son Liu Cong surrendered to Cao Cao, and Jingzhou came under cao’s control.In the same year, the combined forces of Sun Quan and Liu Bei defeated cao’s army at Chibi.In 209, Zhou Yu captured Jingzhou Jiangling.In 210, Zhou Yu died, and Lu Su, leading zhou Yu’s army on his behalf, persuaded Sun Quan to lend Jingzhou to Liu Bei in order to reject Cao Cao.In the 16th year (211), Liu Bei led his army into Shu, leaving General Guan Yu to defend Jingzhou.In 219, Sun Quan sent Lv Meng to attack Jingzhou, captured Guan Yu, and Jingzhou was restored to Sun.See biographies of The Three Kingdoms for details.”Mountains and rivers”, Jiangling longshan, and on the brink of the Han River;Xiangyang has Hyeon Mountain, Lumen Mountain, Wangchu Mountain, Wanshan, and is close to the Han River, xianghe River, so cloud.”Dongfang Hute” means that Jingzhou is the gateway of southeast China.Hold jingzhou southeast region can be preserved;On the contrary, occupy the southeast jingzhou is easy to capture.You, window.Tomahawk, an ancient weapon shaped like an axe.During the Han and Wei dynasties, the emperor sent his generals to battle and awarded their tomahawk in court.See Tang Ouyang Xun “art and literature clustering · Wu bu · War expedition” lead Jin Zhi Yu “new ritual discussion”.”Mountains and rivers” three sentences, that the strategic position of Jingzhou is very important, where the military power can easily grant people?This is no doubt aimed at Liu Bei’s mistake of using Guan Yu as the commander of the Jingzhou front army, resulting in the fall of Jingzhou, but it can also be seen that the ci writer felt proud because the imperial court entrusted him with the military responsibility of Jingzhou.”Tears fall monument”, Jin Emperor wudi, Yang Hu governor Jingzhou, the town of Xiangyang.After his death, xiangyang people built a temple and erected a monument for him in The Saddle Mountain, looking at its monument all tears.See The Biography of the Sheep in the Book of Jin dynasty.In The Book Taiping Guang Ji · Immortals · Su Xian Gong by Li Fang et al in the Song Dynasty, The Legend of Immortals by Ge Hong in the Jin Dynasty shows that su Xian Gong, a native of Guiyang, attained enlightenment and became an immortal during the reign of Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty.After the return of the crane, perched on the county tower.Someone shot him with a slingshot, and he grabbed the floor with his claws and wrote: “The city is right, but the people are not.Three hundred pieces come home.I am Su Jun why play?”Guiyang, which is now Chenzhou, Hunan province, in the Eastern Han dynasty, The Three Kingdoms under the Jingzhou provincial department of history, so poets widely thought jingzhou allusion and picked up.Only say “city is”, and “people are not” meaning at ease.This is “after a break” usage.”Tears fall” three sentences, that the Xian Mountain jin people for the Sheep ancestral monument is still there, the local city has not changed too much, but the residents have not known how many generations.Time flies, life is too short to look back!”Dike grass color”, Tang Meng Haoran “Dike line” poem said: “The dike fun place, vehicles and horses galloped.Spring grass, spring outing in Two or three months.”The dyke of the Hanjiang River in Xiangyang.”Mayor,” for a long time.”Sheep”, sheep hu, word uncle son, Taishan south city (now Shandong feixian southwest) people.On behalf of Wei, Sima Yan, emperor Wudi of jin, tried to destroy Wu, and took it as the commander of jingzhou military, town xiangyang.Ten years in the town, camp stores grain, actively preparing to attack Wu, and Yang and Wu will Lu Resist exchange ambassadors, each protect the boundaries.After seriously ill, recommend Du Yu since the generation.Two years after his death, Du Yu carried on his legacy and conquered Wu at one stroke.See The Biography of the Sheep in the Book of Jin dynasty.”Lu”, Lu Kang, word youjie, Wujun Wuxian (has been abandoned into today’s Suzhou, Jiangsu) people.At the end of the Wu Dynasty, Sun Hao was the commander of the Wu army in Jingzhou and the commander of the Jin Army in Xiangyang.In the first year of Fenghuang (272), he defeated the yanghu Army and saved Gangneung.Two years (273), worship Dasima, Jingzhou animal husbandry.He died of illness in the army.See Annals of The Three Kingdoms wu Shu Lu Kang biography.”Who”, who.”Xi Da dike grass color” three sentences, from lament life not forever turn to rejoice in their own built achievements: Xiangyang is his department will be from the Hands of the Mongolian army recapture, is now under his jurisdiction, spring long in, thriving, that year’s Yang Hu, Lu Resist and other generals, can do it?Author/Editor zhong Zhenzhen/Feng Xiao