Ten famous prostitutes in ancient China, five in Ming Dynasty!

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“Spoony woman unfaithful Han, amorous woman thin lover.”Brothel women’s status in ancient society was low, just like the doll in the hands of dignitaries. These beautiful and many famous prostitutes with frailty never entered the legal eye of the official history.However, in the wild history of the past dynasties, they left a brilliant mark, and added another colorful historical symbol for our nation with their affectionate, chivalrous, tender and spiritual life attitude.Five of the top ten prostitutes were in the Ming Dynasty. Today, we will list the top ten prostitutes in ancient China in chronological order.Du Qiuniang (791-835) Although du Qiuniang’s name is similar to That of Du Shiniang, they are both famous songji, but there is no relationship between them.Du Qiuniang was a famous courtesan in the Tang Dynasty and the highest among the ten courtesans.She was so beautiful and intelligent that she was first bought back to her home by Kathy Li, a business manager, at a great cost, and then awarded the title of Autumn Consort by Tang Xianzong.She was not only emperor Xianzong’s favorite wife, but also his confidential secretary, helping him to handle state affairs.She is the most powerful of the ten prostitutes!”Don’t cherish the wisp of gold, advise you cherish the youth.Open canfold, straight must fold, do not wait for no flowers empty fold branches “.This well-known poem is her masterpiece.No. 2: Yu Xuanji (844-871) Yu Xuanji is the most tragic famous prostitute, “easy to seek priceless treasure, rare lover” is her famous work.Her birth name was Yu Youwei, one of the four great female poets of the Tang Dynasty. She was intelligent and beautiful since childhood. She loved wen Tingyun, a great talent, but wen was frightened by her 32-year age difference.Yu Xuanji is introduced by parents to harm the man Li Yi that cheat to play with female affection of his whole life to be concubine, be not allowed by wife place however, but become a monk.Yu Xuanji saw through the world of mortals, began to intersect with literati, romantic childe, in order to talk about the name of poetry, 871 because of emotional entanglements to kill the maid was sentenced to death by Yin Wenzhang, a generation of romantic talent ended up so.The end was pitiful.Wang Chaoyun (1062-1096) was a famous west Lake prostitute. She was born beautiful and skillful in singing and dancing. She was born in the world, but she had a fresh and elegant charm.One of the “west” is chaoyun, the famous Dongpo braised pork is her invention!In 1096, Wang Chaoyun died at the age of 34 due to the plague and accultation.Fourth: Liang Hongyu (unknown year of birth and death) is the only female general born in prostitution in history, is a famous anti-gold heroine in history, but few people know that she once lived in brothels, or one of the ten prostitutes.She blow to family background, have been practiced so a good skills, but his father died, come down, become camp busk not prostitution prostitution, followed shi-zhong han in battlefield, married, because Mrs Mrs Exploits was created for the sale and the nation was given JueLu, which pioneered the hero with his wife to pay system, in the battle of yellow day oscillation after the impeachment husband shi-zhong han bungle fighter, a vibration in the,Emperor Gaozong of Song conferred the title of “Lady Yang Guo” again.Li Shi Shi (1060-1129) was a famous courtesan in bianjing of the Northern Song Dynasty. She was famous for her beauty and was one of the most famous courtesans among the ten famous courtesans.She was born with a good voice in bel Canto singing, leading the way at that time. Even Zhao Ji, emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty, was her guest in the curtain. It is said that the prodigal son Yan Qing of the Water Margin fell in love with her, and her experience is legendary.More proof of the talent and appearance of Li division is very people, after the jin people break bianjing, Li division missing.Ma Xianglan (1548-1604) was the most unusual of the eight beauties of the Qinhuai River, unlike the famous courtesans of the past who were famous for their beauty.Ma Xianglan appearance is ordinary, such a rongdeng “Qinhuai eight yan” woman.Mainly due to her elegant free from vulgarity temperament and outstanding talent.In addition to poetry and painting, she is also good at conversation, and people talk, such as yingti, charming manner, depending on the understanding, ancient knowledge, each can be fascinating.At that time spread a saying, “find fang not know Ma Xianglan, visit brotholds in vain.”When she was 24 years old, she came across Jiangnan wit Wang Zhideng, was attracted by his talent, two people intersect half a lifetime but did not repair the positive fruit.In 1604, Ma Xianglan died of illness at the age of 57, Wang Zhideng was sad, and wrote a poem: “The song and dance was first-class, the name won full brothel.Amorous before the body died first, into hibiscus and head.Liu Shushi (1618-1664) was the first of the eight beauties in the Qinhuai River. She was even more famous for her talent. She was a brothold woman who was not only proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, but also famous for her patriotism.”I see castle peak more charming, see castle peak I should be like this” is the name of Liu So allusion, it can be seen that Liu So beautiful appearance, she is a rare courtesan fair and honest with the gift of wife married women, in the society at that time, although popular courtesans, but low status, married as concubines, and married at night.Liu so married in the day to the leader of the Donglin Party Qian Qianyi, was people despise, but she never fear gossip, qian Qianyi died in 1664, Liu so to protect the money family property hanged and died.Dong Xiaowan was one of the “Eight beauties of The Qinhuai River”.She was born rich, loved since childhood, poor family life forced, at the age of 15 sold qinhuai.Although she lived in the world of prostitution, but lofty and proud, and the general brothel women are completely different, so win the appreciation of noble people, many scholars love her.She had a special liking for MAO Zaijiang, one of the four childe at the end of the Ming Dynasty, and took the initiative to pursue MAO Zaijiang. With the help of Qian Qianyiliu, she married MAO Zaijiang as a concubine, and she shared the joys and sorrows with him after the demise of the Ming Dynasty, and died in 1651 because of mental exhaustion.Chen Yuanyuan (1623-1695) was a famous beauty in history. She was the most beautiful of the eight Beauties of the Qinhuai Area.Wu Sangui is more to her see admire, when discovering she is carried off by Liu Zongmin of li Zicheng at hand, blunt crown one anger is beauty, open the gate to put clear soldier to enter the close actively, daming last glimmer of hope is shattered, wu Sangui when his father is captured also did not see him so excited.The entry of qing army into the Pass finally overturned Li Zicheng’s dashun. In his old age, he became a monk and died in 1695, the longest life expectancy among all famous prostitutes in history.Li Xiangjun (1624-1654), named Xiangfan Pendant, was one of the “Eight Beauties of Qinhuai”. She was an extraordinary woman who was born in an official family. Her father was framed by Wei Zhongxian and her family was in a poor state.He fell in love with hou Fangyu, a famous man in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. Encouraged by Ruan Dacheng’s trickery in 1654, Tian Yanglai, a popular figure in the Hongguang dynasty, welcomed Li Xiangjun as a concubine.Li Xiangjun resolutely not from, Tian Yang also insist, she simply hit a head dead on the railings, blood splashed in the Hou Fangyu sent her fan.Hou’s friend Yang Longyouli used blood dots to draw a peach blossom in the fan, and this is the origin of the blood dyed peach blossom fan.