The all-new Audi Q5L is sporty and the best car for your dreams

2022-06-07 0 By

Every driver’s dream is to truly experience the collision of speed and passion, and in the pursuit of a dazzling array of car styles and products, we must have sun Wukong’s “fire eye gold” can recognize the strongest models.Audi has launched a new Audi Q5L while constantly surpassing and pursuing quality. I believe everyone must have heard about this model.This model as audi’s classic medium-sized SUV, not only super strength, all aspects of performance is also in line with the mind of consumers.So what are its unique points, get everyone’s favor and recognition, let’s wait and see.Configuration is complete basic configuration is rich, rich new audi Q5L including 19 inch wheels, electric trunk, parking radar, steep slope, slow down, hill auxiliary, keyless start, automatic parking, cruise control, standard configuration consists of steering wheel shift, active intake grille and close the intake grille, including drivers and front-seat passengers in the front row seat electric regulation;The high-end version of the model also provides a 20-inch rims, 360 – degree panoramic images, B&O sound, 19 speakers and simple with low to high with is from “have” to the change of the “strong”, in addition to the 360 – degree panoramic images, economic model and rearview mirror memory in addition to the use of more convenient, rich configuration could give people the psychological satisfaction.On the exterior, the new Audi Q5L offers a sporty appearance, including a new mesh design and headlights. Different colors under the bumper also make the front face more dynamic. The whole car will reflect the youth and sporty atmosphere very well.Side and tail, two angular waist line, very well reflects the sense of power, the movement of the wind reflected incisively and vividly.In addition, the design of the wheel eyebrows is not rigid and traditional, which can not only show the visual sense of movement, but also highlight their unique identity with the addition of multiple wheels and not too low-key exhaust.Interior luxury interior of science and technology, new audi Q5L compared with old total is not changed, only upgraded in detail place, two pieces of big size LCD screen visual effect is very good, the highlight of science and technology are also blend in movement and the luxurious feeling perfect at the same time, combining the yacht type shift gear and mechanical keys, make new audi Q5L internal look very avant-garde and delicate.The all-new Audi Q5L has an electric panoramic glass skylight, up to 30 colors of LED atmosphere lights and B&O sound system, which make the all-new Audi Q5L a walking concert hall.The new Audi Q5L has two 2.0T engines with maximum power of 140kW and 185kW, and peak torque of 320N·m and 370N·m, respectively.As a direct competitor, BMW X3 also has a 2.0T engine, but it has three different power adjustments of 135kW, 165kW and 185kW, corresponding to peak torque of 290N·m, 310N·m and 370N·m, respectively.In contrast, the new Audi Q5L has better accounting data and actual power, and higher fuel consumption economy, which can meet more diversified demands of consumers.The all-new Audi Q5L 45TFSI has a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 6.9 seconds.Audi claims to “break through technology and inspire the future”. I believe such a brand will create new glory and honor and lead the luxury car market.Just like its logo, similar to the logo of the Olympic Games, it will also inherit – continuous innovation, beyond the self.Let us feel life, starting from the car, from the new Audi Q5L.