Blizzard, blizzard, freezing rain!Is sunny or snowy better?The farmer’s proverb

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Today is the first day of “May 9”, except some areas in northeast China, other more than 20 provinces and cities have rain and snow.These days, the Internet has been dominated by “the strongest rain and snow this year”, in fact, do not worry too much, this is I have no way to control.However, it is also true that as the network said, the snow, rain range is very wide, the intensity is also very strong, stronger.Eight out of more than 20 precipitation provinces will see heavy snow and heavy snow in some areas, and local areas will also see heavy snow or heavy snow.Heavy snowstorm will pay special attention to the traffic and electricity, and now approaching the Spring Festival, to prepare in advance, so as not to delay on the road is not cost-effective.According to the information released by the National Meteorological Center, it is expected that from January 25 to 29, light to moderate snow or rain to snow will occur in the central and eastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the eastern part of northwest China, the western part of North China, the western and southern parts of Huanghuai, jianghan, Jianghuai, the western and northern parts of Jiangnan and the central and northern parts of Guizhou.In addition, China’s eastern Gansu, southern Shaanxi, western and southern Henan, Hubei, Anhui, western Jiangsu, northern Hunan, northern Guizhou and other parts of the heavy snowstorm, Hubei, central Anhui, southeastern Henan and other local areas have a heavy snowstorm or a large snowstorm.Freezing rain will also hit parts of southwestern Hubei, Guizhou, central and western Hunan, and northwestern Jiangxi.Today is the first day of “May 9th”, which is better, sunny or snowy?Look at the farmer’s proverbs left by our ancestors.Does that make sense?The ancestors predicted the weather conditions of the qingming Festival through the weather conditions of the first day of the “Five Nine”.If the weather is fine on the first day of the May Ninth Festival, there will be less rain and snow in the later period, and the Qingming Festival will be dry.As we all know, the drought in spring is bad for winter crops to turn green and stand, as well as crops planted in early spring, and it is easy to cause high incidence of diseases and insect pests.However, don’t worry too much this year, the first day of the “May 9” in more than 20 provinces of the country is rain and snow weather, spring drought is not high.Two, fifty-nine a snow, next year’s good harvest this sentence and the above sentence to express the meaning of the same, “fifty-nine” if the first day of snow, then there will not be drought in the spring, soil moisture good crops get up fast, is conducive to the growth of crops, autumn harvest will be good.Farming proverb “fifty-nine inches of snow, locusts into the ground a foot deep”, meaning that the fifty-nine if the snow shows that the weather is relatively cold, so locusts in order to protect themselves, to prevent passive freezing, will go to the depths of the soil hide.Cold weather can freeze some germs and eggs, which is conducive to inhibiting the occurrence of pests and diseases in the coming year.Three, five nine snow drench head, cold to march first “five nine six nine along the river to see the willow”, the temperature began to rise slowly, if this time is also under heavy snow, that the cold air has not dispersed, will have been cold to the beginning of March.That’s a good thing. At least we don’t have to worry about a cold spell next spring.According to the old people, snow is good during the May 9th, as long as there is no need to worry about the situation of spring cold.Do you think the old proverb is true?Will snow during May 9th be good for spring crops?Looking forward to your comments!The full text is finished, trouble you to help forward, help more farmer friend!Thanks for reading.