China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Daily focuses on the head of the key village for promotion and supervision in Guizhou

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“We will intensify efforts to address corruption and work style issues around the people, continue to deepen supervision over the promotion of village-level ‘top leaders’, improve the grass-roots supervision system, and strengthen and improve rural governance.”Recently, the sixth plenary session of the 12th Guizhou Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection was held, which clearly centered on the relevant requirements of the sixth plenary session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection on adhering to the improvement of the Party and state supervision system, and promoted the improvement of grassroots supervision and governance.”Judging from the cases investigated and dealt with in recent years, most of the problems that infringe on people’s interests occur at grassroots level, while grassroots discipline inspection and supervision work is faced with practical difficulties such as a wide range of points and lack of staff.”A person in charge of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Guizhou Province introduced that Guizhou clearly takes the promotion of village-level “top leader” supervision as an opportunity to promote the integration of various types of supervision and further improve the effectiveness of supervision and governance at the grass-roots level.Focusing on strengthening the coordination and linkage of all participants in grass-roots supervision and promoting the formation of supervision force, guizhou Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision insists on organically combining the organizational advantage of “top-down supervision” and the distance advantage of “face-to-face supervision”, and pays close attention to secretaries and directors of party organizations in villages (communities) whose collective “three assets” have reached a certain scale.Pay attention to the overall planning and integration of supervision forces at the three levels of county (district), township and village (community), give full play to the coordination of discipline inspection and supervision, the supervision role of industrial competent departments and village (neighborhood) affairs supervision committees, and extend supervision methods such as political inspection, audit of cadres leaving office, and promotion of clues to handle problems.We will strengthen oversight and inspection of key work, such as the role of party organizations in villages (communities), the use of village capital, investment, and other resources at the village level, and the guarantee of people’s livelihood. We will break down “barriers to acquaintances” at the grassroots level with the use of “level differences”, and promote the transmission of genuine supervision and strict governance to the grassroots.Since last year, guizhou has carried out a pilot project to promote party secretaries and directors to higher levels of supervision in villages and communities in 57 counties (cities and districts) that collectively invest in, invest in, or invest in, foreign investment. 1,680 problems have been identified, 58 cases have been registered, and 85 systems and mechanisms have been improved.Only when supervision sinks can problems surface.Guizhou adhere to the “a special field, a region of a scheme, a promotions”, combining “to visit the village, heavy surveillance, help revive” special operation, through the village (community) to the sink, cadres and village (community) zero distance contact, and village (house) and close communication, accurate grasp ChongDian Village (community) picture of political ecology, focusing on the masses reflect strong, heart trouble,We will intensify efforts to address corruption and conduct of work around the people by means of direct investigation, special oversight, and special rectification.In 2021, the province investigated and dealt with 5,392 corruption and style problems related to people’s livelihood, helped 6,153 people with criticism and education, and punished 4,894 people with party discipline and government affairs.Is focused on the exploration practice and establish a new system to connect each other, on the basis of sum up the experiences of achievement, in 2022, guizhou will be further to strengthen the construction of villages and towns (street) discipline inspection organization, improve running smoothly and orderly management, powerful supervision of county, township and village level 3 supervision system of the people’s livelihood, to promote the county level commission for discipline inspection “promotions supervision”, the daily supervision and the villages and towns commission for discipline inspection,Full-time discipline inspection supervisors at the village level coordinate supervision at the same level to improve the effectiveness of supervision.At the same time, focus on the major issues of the village, major activities and major projects, the village “head” to carry out the comprehensive governing party main body responsibility, etc., set up small micro power list, personal integrity, archives, political supervision and loose, combined with the daily supervision, to have a tour of inspection, examination and investigation the problems found clues, the pilot villages (communities) party organization in surgical “portrait”,Make clear the key direction for promotion supervision.”Upgrading supervision is not an upward shift of supervision responsibility, but an effective linkage of grassroots supervision.”The relevant person in charge of guizhou province prison for disciplinary committee, said will carry out the 19th session of the central commission for discipline inspection six session spirit, continue to focus on small micro power specification operation, promote the establishment of promotions, the mechanism of supervision by special supervision, specific measures such as special inspection, special projects, and activate the supervision, the nerve endings at the grassroots level in the scrutiny do quickly “promotions supervision” object of violations of problems at the same time,Conscientiously organize the implementation of “one case one rectification”, adhere to the warning and education of people around, so that the village level “no. 1” is alert, know awe, know the bottom line, to achieve the purpose of investigating a case, warning a, governance a domain.Author Yin Qiqi source China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Daily editor Xu Fangfang editor Tian Minjia Liu Sibo