During the Chinese New Year after a cup of tea, greasy digestion

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Every New Year, inevitably eat and drink, a happy to eat and drink more.A year down, looking at the mirror inside their own face, as if fat waist is fat, New Year is a big fish.No matter where to visit, certainly not meat, not soup, where to eat a few pieces of meat, accidentally long meat.So, at this age, there are just three things you need to do to stay healthy and fit.First of all, we have to give ourselves a goal, do not eat too much, do not overeat, no matter how delicious food also do not eat.We eat too much indigestible, easy to cause a burden on the stomach.Therefore, if we want to match meat and vegetables, we can eat more vegetables first and eat meat appropriately.Chinese New Year, do not eat too much, eat bad their intestines and stomach, fat and not happy.Growing up, we pay more and more attention to health, pay attention to their own figure, in the Spring Festival such a happy moment we can also eat meat and vegetables with happy, healthy.A cup of tea after a meal can relieve tiredness and help digestion during the Chinese New Year. If you are satiated, you might as well have a rest after a meal and have a cup of tea.Tea is a healthy drink.Usually drink, to the New Year is also an essential drink.After dinner a cup of tea, greasy solution oil, fresh taste.Drink more tea during the New Year to help lighten the burden on your stomach.If you drink alcohol, don’t drink it right away.New Year drink a cup of tea, healthy and happy.During the Spring Festival, after a full meal, you can exercise from time to time.For example, it is good for health to take a walk and move after a meal.Health is the capital of revolution. Only with good health can we live a good life every year.I hope you will have a happy Year of the Tiger.This article is originally written by north Guangdong tea, without permission, anyone and media shall not be reproduced!