During the Qingming Festival, 1.212 million small buses will enjoy free passage on henan highways

2022-06-08 0 By

Henan mobile newspaper reporter Si Yanwen On April 6, the reporter learned from the provincial Department of Transportation, qingming 3-day holiday, the province’s highway and waterway passenger volume is 703,500 person-times, of which the road passenger volume is 68900 person-times, the investment capacity of 20,900 vehicles, issued 75,800 times;The waterway passenger volume is 14,500, and the operational capacity is 646 times.The total number of vehicles on expressways was 2,0604 million, and the total number of small buses with 7 seats or less enjoyed the policy of toll-reduction and exemption was 1.212 million, which amounted to 49 million yuan.The traffic and transportation safety situation in the province is generally stable, and there are no major safety accidents and passengers stranded.During the qingming festival, the province transportation hall combining with the characteristics of mass travel holiday and passenger flow prediction, planning and capacity to arrange ahead of schedule, transportation security plan formulation, through an encrypted divisions, shorten the departure intervals, increased investment in capacity, improve service ability, the traffic is concentrated in key cities and key scenic area, combining with the actual increase the temporary line, ensuring passenger travel demand.Use the Internet and wechat mini programs to launch ticket booking and refund services, timely release bus number information, guide passengers to plan their travel routes in advance, reduce waiting time and transfer time, and improve travel experience.Volunteer service desks, manual information desks, channels without health codes and barrier-free channels have been set up in bus terminals and other places to provide services to the elderly and other passengers with mobility difficulties. Military personnel and fire and rescue workers have been given priority in accordance with the law to ensure convenient travel for key groups.In accordance with the “outside the input” blowout “rebound” “characters with the requirement of”, actively cooperate with local health and epidemic prevention departments of epidemic prevention and control work, strictly implement the fine transportation tools disinfection ventilation, temperature sweep the yard, wearing a mask, “one-meter line”, normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, such as information registration tightly to prevent epidemic spread through transport channels.Editor: Zhou Zhiwu