Forty-eight units on Laoshan offer New Year’s Eve dinners, more than 10 percent more than last year

2022-06-08 0 By

On New Year’s Eve, a table of reunion dinner is indispensable.With the improvement of living standards and changes in living habits, as well as the prevention and control of the epidemic and strict guarantee of food safety, more and more families now have the confidence to move their New Year’s Eve dinner from home to hotels.This year’s Spring Festival, Laoshan district provides a total of 48 catering units, an increase of 11.6% compared with last year;The number of dining staff is expected to be more than 4,500, up 21.6% from last year.In order to ensure the safety of people’s New Year’s Eve dinner, laoshan District Market Supervision administration recently focused on epidemic prevention and control and food safety, and carried out special inspections on 48 catering units providing New Year’s Eve dinner under its jurisdiction.The offline inspection is comprehensive and meticulous, focusing on food safety, the catering units of food raw materials purchase certificate and ticket, kitchen and hygiene, food storage conditions, cleaning and disinfection of tableware and other aspects of comprehensive and meticulous inspection.At the same time, check catering units for violations of the Yangtze River ban on fishing and wildlife sales.Strict regulation of online ordering and take-out has now become a “new fashion” for New Year’s Eve dinner. In view of this feature, Laoshan District Market Supervision Bureau strengthened supervision of online orders.In addition to routine inspection items, it is also necessary to check whether takeaway containers, tableware and packaging materials meet food safety standards.Whether to use food safety seal and peace of mind card to ensure the safety of takeaway food.We will urge the strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, and mainly check the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, such as pre-job temperature measurement, wearing masks at all times while on duty, and environmental ventilation and disinfection.Focus on the purchase of imported cold chain food “cold chain certificate” is complete, whether the relevant information is input into the “Shandong cold chain”, to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention.Laoshan District Market Supervision Administration reminds consumers during the Spring Festival to choose a high reputation, complete licenses, clean internal and external environment, clean dining facilities, quantitative grade B or above the hotel dining if food safety, consumer rights and other problems can call the 24-hour duty telephone 83950319.