Huludao and a small number of scenic spots popular, beautiful scenery, but the ticket has caused controversy among tourists

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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of China’s tourism industry, people’s pursuit of quality of life is becoming higher and higher. Many friends will choose to travel for relaxation in their daily leisure, so some minority tourist attractions in China have been discovered.Today xiaobian for you to introduce, is the huludao recently popular a small number of scenic spots, beautiful scenery, but the ticket has caused controversy among tourists.This scenic area is jianchang Longtan Grand Canyon scenic area, many friends may hear the name, will associate with henan’s Longtan Canyon, Jianchang Longtan Grand Canyon fame although not henan, but in the degree of beauty of the scenery, but even better.Jianchang Longtan Grand Canyon is located in Zhangzi Township, jianchang County, which is famous for its natural landscape.Into the scenic spot inside, you like the scenery of guilin landscape, is all of these are based on the geological fault zone gap, under the impact of the river, erosion formed underground canyon, also it is the natural pool, cliffs, waterfalls, rugged stone forest, and a variety of trees and vegetation, constitutes the so beautiful natural scenic spot.Within the scenic area, there are a total of more than 70 large and small scenic spots, the spots are very rare in the northeast of zhongshan, valley middle, qifeng xiushui, so now JianChang longtan grand canyon, already became our country 3 a-class tourist scenic spot, every summer is coming, here will usher in a large number of tourists sightseeing, but many came to the scenic spot of tourists,Were very unhappy with the price of admission here.At present, although the Jianchang Longtan canyon is only a three-level scenic spot, the ticket price needs 83 yuan, according to everyone’s view, such a price can go to which 4A level scenic spot to play.But xiaobian to remind you, like jianchang Longtan Grand Canyon such landscape, but only in the northeast, and its area is huge, so 83 yuan price, although some small expensive, but never regret.Ladies and gentlemen, do you have any other views on the Jianchang Longtan Grand Canyon?Welcome to reply in the comment area!Shanghai Disneyland has finally compromised and allowed visitors to bring their own food inside, but the quality of tourists makes people worried