Xinhua gongan loyally guard the lights of thousands of families

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The Spring Festival is a busy year of people and their families gather together to share the day to ensure the stability of social security overall situation to create a safe and peaceful festive atmosphere to protect the safety of people’s lives and property xinhua public security all civilian auxiliary police stick to their posts silently pay for everyoneGuardian they build peace with loyalty xinhua patrol lights on the road, at the mall or scenic spots, crowded xinhua public security the police of sorghum are with you to ensure the county-wide people spent a happy and peaceful Spring Festival is the biggest wish to fight the sorghum meishan earth put on ice and Snow White “new clothes” when people are immersed in the joy of appreciate the snow xinhua public securityThe police have already heard the police action, to the snow for the mobilization of the police, the police to participate in the anti-snow, to protect the smooth, to protect the safety of the operation, the snow will block the way forward, but the responsibility will make them brave and resolute forward.Shangmei police station on duty civilian auxiliary police to mediate a good area between neighbors due to parking disputes, to promote a more harmonious neighborhood, happy New Year.On February 1, Liu mou (disabled) lost in the cold mountain village, Meng Gong police station on duty civilian auxiliary police after receiving the alarm for help quickly out, the first time to find Liu mou, will safely back to his family reunion.In order to protect the peace of the area under their jurisdiction, they are always anxious about what the masses are anxious about what the masses want to crack down on crime On February 5th, Meng Gong police station successively captured 2 illegal criminal suspects and detained them according to law.On February 6, shangmei police station arrested and administratively detained a theft suspect.Work on the Spring Festival is patrolling the streets of the prevention and control is the key place of security guard is uniformed eat dinner is ready to get involved daily holiday I on-the-job loyalty and all-weather work, despite the absence of with family reunion but never corresponds to the absence of peace xinhua xinhua police always loyal guard escort for the county-wide people celebrate the festival source: xinhua public security