Huang Minghao yu Shuxin staged primary school chicken “peck each other”, did not intend to expose their identity?

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Sooner or later will be Lin yi to laugh to death, in the latest issue of “super interesting skiing congress” of the “snow Wolf kill”, draw to the “Wolf” card Lin yi on the poor identity to write on the face.In order to complete the hidden task, Yu Shuxin repeatedly performed the yangge dance, but Angelababy found that his “motives were not pure”, and quietly slipped away. It was so funny.Don’t understand to ask, Lin yi is in “clear card” play “werewolf kill” bar.This snow version of the werewolf is also a bit of wheat gene, not only gives the good and bad camps a cute name: “Xuejiaobao” and “Xuepipi”, but also the interaction of the guests in the movie is very absurd, which soon shows the legend of Zhen Huan in the snow.On one second Yu Shuxin is still in the false “slander” Zhang Jike to pull himself, the next second was Wang Yanlin’s “true · black hand” homeward push a.This horse grab is even better than a TV show.However, since the “werewolf kill” theme, of course, is to identify the identity of the surrounding people.You think they’re gonna go through the motions of guessing people’s identities?No, no, no, super slippery family pay attention to is caught a count, Zhang Jike is so installed on the “snow skin skin” name.No one expected that he went to the toilet and disappeared, but when he came back, the sky changed and he became the object of suspicion.This arbitrary operation zhang Jike is whole meng, also did not have reason to go, really than Dou e return injustice.And wanted to take the rhythm of a wave of Wang Yanlin, did not expect to bring himself in.In the pre-match chat, Lin yi was said to be “stiff”, and Huang Minghao was said to be “awkward”.But did not expect a “competition first, friendship second”, aroused everyone’s suspicion.Look at Wang Yanlin meng meng expression, may not be able to think how just hold the audience’s own, finally fell in such a situation.When they reached Huang Minghao and Yu Shuxin, they arrested each other.The DNA of NINE PERCENT and THE9 suddenly wobbles when they learn that the clue to Shippie is connected to NINE.When everyone is still confused, two people excitedly stand up to testify against each other is “snow skin skin”.The uninitiated would have thought two elementary chickens were fighting.U1S1, there are so many jokes in this episode of Super Fun Skiing. It’s so funny how these “comedians” play werewolf killings together.Hear next phase Wang Yan Lin will open “fly” mode, claim oneself is “iron sheet” Wang Yan Lin is true “snow skin skin”?Who are you guys really?The answer is next Friday at 12 noon super fun ski convention, catch “snow pipi”!