Much!!!!Hengyang girl Liu Yasui and Gong Li, Wu Junru and other competition for the best actress

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Chung Po-soi’s “Wisdom Teeth” has won 14 nominations to become the hottest film of the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards, with Hengyang actress Liu Yasei nominated for best Actress for “Wisdom Teeth”.Pau-soi Chung’s “Wisdom Teeth” was the hottest film with 14 nominations.Among them hengyang native actress Liu Yasui for wisdom Teeth was nominated for the Best actress award.Video,Best actress nomination list ▼ “wisdom teeth” directed by cheng pou soi Gordon lam, liu ya she and others starring graduated from school about Ren Kai just reinstated and exhibition of elder brother two people partner survey with serial murder story, Mr Liu (formerly known as liu xin) was born on January 13, 1989 in hengyang Chinese mainland actress and singer in 2004 to participate in the program “star school” activityIn 2006, luo Meng starred in the first film “Thirteen Paulownia” won the 19th Tokyo International Film Festival “Jury Special Award”;In 2007, won the national championship in “My Style and My Show”;In 2010, he starred in the New Year comedy film Quit Smoking, Don’t Drink, which attracted attention;He gained greater fame in 2013 for his role as Zhu Xiaobei in so Young.In 2016, she took part in TV dramas Such as Legend of Qingqiu Fox, March of River City, and films such as Clockwork City and Lucky Me.In 2018, the TV series “New Family Lights” (formerly known as “Jiangcheng March”) began broadcasting, Liu Yasui as the post-90s neighborhood committee deputy director Feng Xiaoxia;The film Wisdom Teeth was released in Hong Kong;The film “Please Advise me for the Rest of my life” was exhibited at the Beijing International Film Festival.In September 2018, Liu attended the 13th Youth Video Forum and presented the award for “Emerging Filmmaker of the Year”.In December 2018, Aaron Kwok appeared at the Macau International Film Festival to promote the new film “Mai Passerby”.In October 2019, he joined actors in Place.In October 2020, she won the Best Actress award at pingyao Film Festival for her role in The Wilderness Cafe.◆ Source: Hengyang Evening News comprehensive Baidu Encyclopedia network ◆ Editor: Wang Dan Recited: Lei Xin third trial: Zhang Wenkai ■ If there is infringement, please contact delete statement: reprint this article for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: