Wang Nan family sanya New Year!Rich husband and daughter taste tea, smile dry: tea is too slow

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Wang Nan and Guo Bin celebrate the Spring Festival in Sanya, South China’s Hainan Province, Jan 31, 2018.On January 31, Lunar New Year’s Eve, Guo bin posted a video of himself and his daughter Xiaoxiao drinking tea in the morning early in the morning.The daughter smiled and gulped down a cup of tea.Guo Bin looked at the side and said: “Dry ah?”Wang Nan, who shot the video, hehe zhile.Guo Bin said to his daughter, “What’s the matter with drinking tea?”Guo Bin conveniently picked up a cup of tea to drink and said: “slowly.”Smile said: “too long product.”He nodded his head as he spoke, looking very lovely.Wang Nan said, “One more cup.”Guo Bin was speechless by his daughter, can only smile, continue to drink tea.Wang Nan gave her another cup of tea and said, “Drink more water in the morning.”He smiled and drank it all, and still put his head up and drank it all.Guo Bin said: “Dry again!”She gave a cute salute and went off to play.Xiao Xiao is wearing a beautiful white dress.Guo bin’s hometown is Weihai and he also has business in Beijing. The north is freezing now, but Sanya is warm as spring.These days, Wang Nan’s family are in Sanya.Wang Nan smiles as she practices table tennis with her daughter.Table tennis has also developed in Hainan in recent years.In 2020, China Ping went to Hainan for intensive training.Lin Shidong is a hainan player, is the country ping key training object.Wang Nan and Guo Bin couple life is very happy, two people often shoot a few dribs and drabs in life.Guo Bin is a real estate agent in Weihai, weihai table tennis training base by Wang Nan in charge.Wang Nan and his wife gave the Country ping to go to the Tokyo Olympic Games each member of a mansion, the coach also has a mansion, which shows the strength of Wang Nan and his wife.