Insinuating Yinhan Huaxing: six services, Auman how to “hold”?

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Since the second half of 2021, the impact of the emission switch continues to be released. In addition to the shutdown of infrastructure projects and the rise of oil prices, the commercial vehicle market has fallen significantly, and the competitive pressure among automakers has increased.For many brands, in the limited market to quickly seize the user, is the top priority.And the level of service ability, is the key to success or failure.When it comes to brand services, there are different evaluation dimensions, ranging from after-sales maintenance to answering customers’ questions.Undeniably, consumers’ impression of a brand begins to form from the moment they enter the 4S shop.Recently, in the “National six service satisfaction survey” carried out by commercial automobile news media, the reporter came to Auman heavy truck 4S shop – Beijing Yinhan Huaxing Trading Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Yinhan Huaxing”), in order to buy car card friends, field visit the service level of Auman heavy truck.Yinhan Huaxing is located in Doudian Automobile City, Fangshan District, Beijing.Entering from the main gate of the Motor City, the store of Yinhan Huaxing is on the right hand side. The parking area in front of the store is full of Auman dump trucks, which is very grand at a glance.Reporter a line just came to the door, yinhan Huaxing sales consultant manager ding will come up.After the reporter explained the purpose of his visit, he did not directly start to recommend products, but first let us sit down, carefully asked about the daily car needs.”What work?Is to run logistics, or pull muck?What route?How many tons?What price is acceptable…”In the face of manager ding’s successive questions, the reporter said that he wanted to buy a tractor to run logistics, there are two main needs, one is the horsepower to be larger, the other is to save fuel.Heard reporters to buy tractors, ding manager said auman EST 6X4 tractors are the main sales models in the store, but the end of the inventory is insufficient, no car, need to wait.”This car has many optional configurations. You can register it on the form first, and I will recommend it to you later according to your needs.There is also a configuration sheet, which you can browse for yourself.”After some patient communication and careful comparison, Manager Ding recommended auman EST 6X4 tractor, equipped with Fukang 580 horsepower A13 national SIX engine and ZF automatic transmission, and calculated a variety of financial plans based on the reporter’s situation.”A13 engine, fukang for Auman heavy truck tailored to create a new model, strong power, and the vehicle matching degree is high, but also more fuel-efficient.”In addition, Ding manager stressed that most of the country six engines on the market for high fuel requirements, and this engine in addition to good fuel saving effect, the biggest advantage is “not pick oil”, strong adaptability to oil, and this will greatly reduce fuel costs, users can also reduce part of the operating pressure.In the process of conversation, reporter discovery, butyl manager for their own product advantage is familiar in the heart, and the target customer communication efficiency is very high, for the customer’s needs and pain points, he also very accurate grasp, can give a proper solution and product advice, can largely enhance the customer’s purchase intention, improve conversion rates.”Now, all the trucks sold on the market are national six emissions, technology is certainly advanced a lot.However, as a truck driver, the biggest concern is that the technology of the vehicle has been upgraded, but the subsequent supporting services are not enough.In the face of reporters’ doubts and concerns, ding manager and how to answer?”Beijing has high requirements for environmental protection, and the national Sixth emission switch began as early as 2019. Auman National Sixth model has been sold for two years, and both the product itself and supporting services are relatively mature.”Manager Ding told reporters, Yinhan Huaxing maintenance team of about 30 people, members of all through the Foton factory training certification, with rich experience in the six models of national maintenance, vehicle performance and common faults are very familiar with, can rest assured to buy cars.The reporter learned that Yinhan Huaxing is the first 4S shop set up by Oman heavy card in the country, covering an area of about 3000 square meters, the company adopts the business model of sales and service as a whole, and the rear of the exhibition hall is the maintenance workshop and warehouse.The warehouse stores spare parts according to the requirements of Foton Motor Headquarters, the daily reserve value is 3 million yuan, which can basically meet the daily service and maintenance needs of users.In order to further dispel the reporter’s doubts, Manager Ding offered to take us to visit the exhibition hall and maintenance workshop.Reporters found that Yinhan Huaxing exhibition hall is worthy of flagship store configuration, so large French Windows, so that the exhibition hall more transparent and spacious;Hall including car exhibition area, rest area, business negotiation area, functional zoning clear, clean and clean;In the eye-catching position, there are six new car posters and product usage instructions, the side of the glass display cabinet has a variety of original accessories, customers can enter the store at a glance, can say that the six product promotion is very in place.Then, follow the footsteps of manager Ding, the reporter came to the maintenance workshop, the workshop has several trucks waiting for maintenance, beside the tool car marked with the name of the maintenance master, several masters are methodically busy.”For the Sixth car, Auman proposed an open-fault mode to provide outbound service.At the moment, we have nine service trucks, all of which were sent out early in the morning, each with two masters, so there are not many masters in the factory now.”Manager Ding explained.From the maintenance workshop, the reporter to go home to discuss considering the grounds, the end of the unannounced visit.Before parting, Manager Ding did not forcibly detain the reporter to place an order, but invited us to participate in the test drive activity next time, so that we can decide whether to buy or not after experiencing ourselves.Without investigation, there is no right to speak, through this on-the-spot unannounced visit, the reporter found that the sales staff of Yinhan Huaxing hospitality enthusiasm, thoughtful, and do not break the sense of propriety, contact down very comfortable.In addition, in terms of business ability, sales staff have a clear understanding of policy information, vehicle configuration and selling points, and have excellent professional quality.In the process of communication, Ding manager has been stressed that the country six times Auman heavy card confidence.This confidence not only comes from the perfection of product performance, but also from the strict requirements of sales managers and service staff and the unremitting pursuit of service satisfaction.