Lev founder Chen Xiaoying: focus on high-end quality to establish a century-old brand

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In China’s domestic home industry, “Lev” is a resounding brand, is one of the well-known brands consumers will first consider when buying mattresses, bedding and other household products.As a household brand with a history of 27 years, “Lev” from the original family workshop to now set advanced RESEARCH and development, production, sales as one of the large household life enterprises, with a sound product structure and home textiles, mattresses and other products series.In recent years, the company has been in the rapid growth, in the country’s large and small cities with nearly 100 stores, counters, with high-quality brand image and thoughtful service, more and more consumers recognized, brand awareness is rising.Behind these remarkable achievements, is the Lev brand founder, the head of Chen Xiaoying’s decades of perseverance and pay, thanks to her strict quality control of products, and strive to do every detail perfect, make Lev products stand out in the waves of the market, become the industry leader.Recently, our reporter visited Chen Xiaoying, chairman of Shanghai Life Home Textile Co., LTD., Guangdong Lai Fu Mattress Industry Co., LTD., and Shantou Nue Lai Fu Home Textile Co., LTD., to listen to the story behind her successful entrepreneurship.In 1989, Chen Xiaoying, who had just graduated from school, cherished the lofty ambition of breaking into a world by herself. After discussing with her husband, she decided to start her own business.In accidental opportunity, Chen Xiaoying contacts the Singapore KC brand that makes bedding, through thorough understanding, she discovers KC brand does a factory in home not only, and the product all uses import fabrics, quality is superior.The small English that is full of commercial prospective established his pioneering direction immediately, pass hard, she took down the Guangdong east general agent of this brand quickly, begin to be engaged in the wholesale of bedding, opened his store, business is very prosperous.In 1994, the owner of KC brand in Singapore suddenly decided to close the factory in China. Xiao Ying, who was already on track at that time, was caught off guard.She and her husband discussed with the boss, hoping that the boss could transfer the brand, and the boss said that he still planned to return to Singapore to continue to operate the brand, and had no transfer plan.After many negotiations fruitless, Chen xiaoying’s husband suggested that they re-register a brand.At that time, the domestic home textile market was just starting, Chen Xiaoying keenly caught the broad development prospects of this industry, so seize the right time, founded “LIFE Lev” brand, began to fully manage Lev home textile and Lev mattress.At the beginning of the brand’s establishment, Xiaoying adopted the way of purchasing from outside, that is, OEM processing, but she soon found the problem — the products made by the factory often failed to meet her requirements, either with less work and lack of materials, or with poor fabrics and no guarantee of quality.”How can you live with your conscience by selling such products to consumers?”Chen Xiaoying thought hard for a good solution, and gradually clear the train of thought: because they are not engaged in production, so can not well control the quality of products.At this time, an idea rose in her mind — must open their own factories, research and development, procurement, production of good workmanship, good quality, stand the test of the market and consumers of high-quality products.In the following years, she moved forward firmly towards this goal. In 1999, she invested heavily in introducing world-class flat sewing and quilting cars, making a big step forward in the production process of bed products.She personally oversees every process, from material selection and shaping to machining and cutting.After unremitting efforts, in 2000, Xiaoying set up its own production base in Chaoan District, Chaozhou city, and established Pengyuan Textile Co., LTD.Chen Xiaoying knows that the brand is the symbol of the product.To build a brand that can be heard, handled for a long time and retained by consumers, it is necessary to fully ensure the quality of products.She was strict about quality, almost to the point of being “demanding”.As early as the 1990s, Chen Xiaoying opened her first brand store in Jieyang area. Through the form of exclusive sales, consumers can fully experience the high quality of Lev products and form a good impression of the brand.It is understood that during the peak period, Lev has nearly 300 exclusive stores throughout the country, and the products are fully rolled out in the country, and the brand awareness and reputation are constantly improving.After years of entrepreneurial struggle, Chen Xiaoying admitted that her proudest part is not how big the enterprise is and how rich the profits are, but that the quality of the products she makes has never been substandard, and the quality of each product is guaranteed.No matter in which stage of development, Chen Xiaoying always put the product quality of Lev brand in the first place, adhere to the concept of “quality is the lifeline”, responsible for products, responsible for customers.Every product produced by Lev has been tested and inspected strictly to ensure that customers buy high-quality products without any quality problems.As a new force in the domestic industry, Lev has not only done a good job in quality control, but also committed to technological innovation, always walking in the forefront of the industry.As the helmsman, Chen Xiaoying never stopped his steps, in addition to go to various places for product selection, but also often to attend various types of exhibitions abroad, Paris, Frankfurt……She worked hard in all major fashion markets. She brought back new materials, new processes and new technologies to China and integrated them into her own products. Through the accumulation of human body data and in-depth research, she customized more healthy and comfortable home sleep products for different customer groups with different needs.In order to meet the needs of business development, Chen Xiaoying founded Shanghai Life Home Textile Co., LTD in Shanghai in 2004, which is fully responsible for the management and operation of Lev brand, and Lev has entered the fast track of brand chain development.In 2007, Lev has set up research and development design centers in Shanghai and other places, and conducted long-term cooperative research and development with many international top research and development institutions, accurately conveying the international fashion trend into the design, making the product quality higher and more competitive in the market.In 2014, Chen Xiaoying invested heavily to establish Guangdong Lev Mattress Industry Co., Ltd. to build Lev modern Industrial Park. The industrial park is located in Dongshan Lake Characteristic Industrial Base in Chaozhou city, covering an area of about 70 mu, with a complete and scientific quality management system.The company also introduced the real-time monitoring system of mattress pressure distribution from Sensor Products of the United States, the “Elephant” quilting machine from Germany, the intelligent production line of quilt pillows imported from Italy and other domestic and foreign first-class technical equipment in the home furnishing industry, which realized the simultaneous improvement of production capacity and efficiency and provided a stronger foundation for the future development of The Brand.The year 2020 can be called the year of transformation and upgrading of Lev brand.Under the new development pattern, xiao-ying Chen keen to see that with the improvement of public life consumption level, people’s demand for home products more high-end, more the pursuit of high quality, she resolutely decided to upgrade “lai fu mattress” on the one hand, on the other hand “to” a new generation of home textile, decisive gave up the location of the “lai fu home textile”,A new brand was re-registered — a new generation of home textile brand “NEWLIFE”, which represents light luxury direction and the concept of “NEWLIFE and sleep”, thus came into being. Together with “Lev mattress”, it became the company’s two “trump card” to open up the future.In the same year, “Lev Cloud Store” was officially launched, which opened a new retail model, carried out digital transformation, deeply integrated online and offline channels, and greatly enhanced the influence of online brands.In September, the first double-brand comprehensive flagship store of “NEWLIFE” light luxury home textile and Lev mattress was opened in Shantou, with the brand-new upgraded brand visual image, which opened the prelude of “New Lev” stepping into the high-end market of the industry.Today, Chen Xiaoying’s company has grown into a well-known home furnishing enterprise integrating advanced R & D design center, modern production base, sound marketing service system and efficient logistics distribution system.We have won many honors such as international famous brand, Famous Brand in China, Top Ten Brand of quality notarization in the national home textile industry, Excellent Green environmental protection products in China, etc., and successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and continue to receive consistent praise from the industry and the market.Chen xiaoying said that all of this should be grateful for this inspiring new era, for our increasingly powerful country, for our great Party.It is with the prosperity of the country, to have the prosperity of the small family, to have the long-term development of enterprises.She said that Shantou SPECIAL Economic Zone is creating new glory, and we experienced last year’s transformation and upgrading and a new layout, “Lev” has taken on a new look, the future is promising.The new River, it’s time to shine!Chen Xiaoying said that in recent years, the domestic home textile industry has developed rapidly, the technical level of the industry continues to improve, has been comparable to many advanced countries, and compared with other countries, the price of China’s home textile products is more reasonable, therefore, China’s home textile industry to the world is very advantageous, but also can be expected.And as a member of China’s home industry, Lev must also work harder, long-term layout, strive to go abroad, win glory for the country.As a fashion businessman, she says, that’s also her ambition.Years, led the lai fu brand have elbowed, fall, harvest, comprehension, and xiao-ying Chen told reporters that she did not change his mind, “I have two vision, the first is to realize the enterprise value, make lai fu products get more people in the world, create the first brand respected household China brand in one hundred, built to last;Second, I hope to do my best to help more people and provide a better platform for them to achieve better development and benefit more people in the society.”In terms of marketing, Chairman Chen Xiaoying has been working hard to provide a better stage for brand franchisees, so that their talents can be put into full play to achieve a win-win situation.Xiao-ying Chen in the company to talent as the most precious wealth, pay attention to personnel training and development, the company has a very unique department called “lai fu school”, hire marketing and management at home and abroad famous lecturer for the company staff training, output and regular staff training, let each staff quality skills can be improved.In her spare time, Chen xiaoying also serves as the executive director of Shenzhen Chaoshan Chamber of Commerce and has been committed to various meaningful social welfare undertakings for a long time.In the face of poor families and poor people, she and her company always donate generously, and often send love and warmth to the elderly and students, and give help within their ability.Chen xiaoying said that the company will continue to be enthusiastic about all kinds of public welfare undertakings in the future, and shoulder its social responsibilities with kindness.She thinks, this also is tide shan person, tide business of a kind of inherent feelings and idiosyncretic.Set foot on a new journey, Chen Xiaoying is still like 32 years ago when the first household industry as full of passion, she said, I want to continue to lead “new Leifu” a lot of brothers and sisters, create a better future, for people to have a better sleep, more healthy body and mind and efforts!