There are solitary pines on the cliff

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The cliff has solitary pine: the cliff has solitary pine, long in the white clouds.Year after year, fan fan wan He empty.Ugly branches, but no axe saw.Qiao wood more disaster, beam and column west east.Lone pine: Because this pine is far away from human trail, and long ugly, so avoid woodworking felling, in order to express that they can not be as relieved as lone pine, there is a safe place to live.White clouds: describe the high altitude of the mountains.Obsessive: Describes a vague feeling of superiority.Ugly: Refers to loose long not thick.Lucky no: Describe the branches because ugly, so not overcut.Qiao wood: describe those lush and thick wood under the mountain.Disaster: be felled.Beam: a beam cut down and made into a house.(April 2022)