China lost its third straight curling mixed doubles match to the defending champion

2022-06-11 0 By

China’s Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi beat Switzerland and Australia 7-6 and 6-5, respectively, to win the first two matches of curling mixed doubles at the Beijing Winter Olympics.In the first half (the first four games), the two sides were tied at 3-3. In the fifth game, The Swedish team had a slight advantage in the backhand game. If the score was tied after the eighth game, they would have a backhand advantage in the extra game.In the fifth game, China’s Ling Zhi and Fan Suyuan play well, in the first hand disadvantage, snatching away the Hands of the Swedish team 1 point, do not look down on this 1 point, after all, from the overall situation, China began to occupy the initiative position.In the sixth game, The Swedish team adjusted their form in time and played beautifully, but the two Chinese players were not bad, and finally limited the opponent to one point, the two sides went into the seventh game with the score of 4:4.This game, a brave LingZhi state in each other’s mistakes after cleared pot at a stroke, the Swedish player last pot while occupy the central position, but Fan Su round last throw firmly to remove it, the hope of the Chinese team have three points, but under the “compass” measurement, Sweden’s pot (away from the center of the circle) more recently, “Fan Zhi” combination to get the two points, with 6:4 Take the lead over your opponent and take full advantage of the situation.If the opponent only scores one point in the final game, the victory belongs to the Chinese team;If the opponent gets 2 points, then both sides are tied, and there will be an extra game. In the extra game, we have the back hand.These two situations are the advantage of The Chinese team, the last thing we want is to let the opponent get three points, which is a direct defeat.After the start of the eighth inning, China first pot of stones firmly occupy the central position, and glue on the yellow pot (Sweden), but then in Sweden have hit high level, take the initiative in the field, the Chinese team request to suspend, coaches opinion changed the players of the original plan, the moment of victory to Sweden tilting the scales.Sven-goran Eriksson decisively cleared the two obstacles. Fansu Yuan chose to set up the obstacles with her last shot, but de Waal delivered the knockout blow to clear China’s red ball and give Sweden three points and a 7-6 aggregate victory.The Chinese team lost some regret, in a good situation, by the opponent’s jedi counterattack, true should not.Perhaps after the pause, the decisive impact on the opponent’s pot in the circle, the situation is not the same, was originally a control bureau, constantly complicating the situation, which gave the Swedish team a chance to hit the fatal blow.Although fansuyuan’s final position of the ball was a bit wrong, but the tactical decision error is the most terrible.We can afford to lose the game, “Fan Zhi” this is a temporary combination (training together for three months) in the competition together, for the final ranking we do not have what high requirements, but we do not want to see timid tactics, hope to see is the Chinese team dare to fight.Hopefully, “Fan Zhi” team can adjust their mentality in time. In the next game, they will face the powerful Canadian team, who is the gold medalist of curling mixed doubles in the last Olympic Games.