Dizziness and chest tightness when you wear a high collar?Doctor: It’s a kind of disease

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Source | city site comprehensive guangdong press center do not reprint without permission Such as delete source will investigate the day is cold, to cold warm, many people will choose to put on a turtleneck, both warm and beautiful, but some people wear turtleneck can produce symptoms of dizziness, even feel out of breath.Doctors warn that many people know they are not feeling well but are unaware of a condition called collar syndrome.Collar syndrome, known as the carotid sinus syndrome in medicine, this kind of situation is usually more prone to when the temperature is low, such as high collar clothes or is too close ties, oppression to the importance of the human body neck groups, the carotid sinus, showing symptoms of brain, appear the phenomenon such as dizziness, chest tightness, generally a short time.If the pressure is quickly relieved, the body will return to normal.On the contrary, if it is not relieved, or if the situation worsens, it may lead to loss of consciousness or fainting, or even life-threatening.Liu Hanwei, deputy chief physician of the Department of Neurointerventional Surgery of the Fifth Hospital of CuHK, said: “If patients have this kind of condition, we suggest that they do not wear turtleneck sweaters, especially those that are very tight. Now the weather is getting cold, we can use scarves instead. If they wear ties at work, they can not be tied too tight to avoid this kind of condition.Doctors remind, once the occurrence of “collar syndrome”, to quickly supine, untied collar, raise the lower limbs, so that more blood reflux heart, serious to the regular hospital treatment in time.At the same time, patients with hypertension, diabetes and coronary heart disease are prone to this symptom. Therefore, these groups of people usually try to avoid wearing some high-collar clothes or clothes that are too tight.