“I want to take you on a motorcycle trip.” A Shandong man works in IT in Singapore. He likes fitness and can cook

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Arek, IT male (EP), bachelor, July 1989, snake, Leo 179CM in height, 72KG in weight (adhere to fitness to reduce fat and increase muscle)1. Basic Information Family Background: My hometown is rural Shandong province, one brother is married, my parents breed at home.Work experience: worked as an assembly line in an electronics factory, worked as a concrete worker, a rebar worker, a bricklayer on a construction site, worked as a cold storage in a food factory and a petrochemical refinery, and worked part-time as a floor push, floor stand and professional mobile phone film patch.Open shop: taobao C shop three drill sellers, then determined to walk IT this road.I have been working steadily for one and a half years in Singapore and six months in Thailand. I am still exploring my future path with a clear plan.Economic situation: Income: current monthly income 7000-8000(salary + part-time job + financial management) cooking by myself, not shopping, low expenses.Part-time job: now I am engaged in cross-border e-commerce with good prospects. I hope we can work together.Others: individual domestic shandong urban area has a house (a small amount of loans, later depending on the situation of immigration), home and land.Emotional experience: I thought I was too old before. Although I knew it was inappropriate when I fell in love, I didn’t want to toss about any more, so I got married.But in the end, I couldn’t make do with it. I divorced and had a child, who was raised by my ex-wife (in China).Because now I want to put more energy on work and future planning, do not want to waste too much time in some to find a partner and participate in a lot of meaningless social, so I want to find her in this way.Interests and hobbies: To improve knowledge: I don’t watch any entertainment and variety shows. I like watching videos that improve my knowledge and insight, such as [Luo Ji Thinking][Old Liang][Zhou Wenqiang][Inspector Lei] Crosstalk and other financial, popular science and documentary programs.And to strengthen the study of English and Thai.Later plans are e-commerce and we-media bloggers.Outdoor hobbies: pay attention to diet and health, less sugar, oil and salt, adhere to fitness, outdoor sports are skateboarding, skating, motorcycle travel, diving, surfing, cycling, Muay Thai boxing, etc.(I also do some volunteer work) Love motorcycle travel: ALWAYS love motorcycle travel, active in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai in China, and have motorcycle travel experience in Qinghai, Tibet, plateau areas, Thailand and Indonesia (the Indonesian motorcycle travel took a lot of photos, but the phone was stolen, the photos were not stored).A few things happened, but I’m not afraid of them.After the end of the epidemic, I plan to travel to Southeast Asia and have the opportunity to explore more countries and regions.Of course, two people together can drive, motorcycle travel can.In Lhasa (Tibet cycling tour) (the city to buy a motorcycle) (the friend home, general maintenance of locomotive here, stay) (small inn boss niuniu) (from guizhou a lawyer more than 50 years old elder brother, riding GSX250R sports car (lay very tiring) from guizhou ride to Lhasa, invite I to have a meal) (riding a person,Go to namtso, one of the three holy lakes on the plateau!The bike has a high reverse, with a maximum of 10km/h.Other specialties: Cooking: WFHOME usually does some simple cooking, familiar with the whole business process from the supermarket to the kitchen, familiar with the distribution of prices of firewood, rice, oil, salt and vegetables in each supermarket, and able to achieve optimal procurement.I won’t do many kinds of dishes, just some simple procedures, so I can learn other cuisines if necessary.Housework: from the door to the balcony all-round cleaner, had done all sorts of work, not afraid of dirty, not afraid of tired.Others: can repair computers, systems.Can provide for you and your friends: machine installation, network maintenance, cleaning care.Personality: Not good at dressing up, simple and practical (I bought the most expensive shoes for 30 Singapore dollars, and only bought clothes on Taobao), but not vulgar, clean, cool and fashionable.Temper: 1, the typical character in shandong, meet a strong, strong, weak in the weak, hope the other party belongs to the gentle type 2, advocating and goodwill a points is a love, there is a possibility of happiness 3, from the countryside, so it can bear, sleep on the street, the maximum set 4, vulnerable, but the ability to repair itself, so the overall is sunshine of five, don’t like the quarrel,Often cold treatment on the spot, like to have a plan for the future plan: 1, always adhere to the delay hedonism, make money, to use on the blade 2, domestic social security continue to pay, first going to apply for PR, look at the situation in the late late 3, pension, two people to consult, home or go to Thailand, Malaysia, settle can physical condition: 375 ° myopia;The physical examination report in May last year showed that everything was normal, without any past medical history. My favorite girl about getting along with her: 1. Don’t fight overnight, refuse cold war, and admit who is wrong; 2.1, good temper, can be capricious, but not irritable, can not have extreme behavior, sunshine, like to laugh 2, frank, not shy, not affectation, no ji 3, a strong sense of responsibility, family-oriented, will first consider the feelings of the family other requirements:1. The other party’s parents are open-minded, and if conditions permit, they can be sent to Singapore to live together. 2.86-95, single or divorced, have no children, have the intention to get married, have financial management mind, I can submit it (picture and text from Arek app) after reading The introduction of Arek, do you have the intention to further understand?Welcome to find him on the Singapore Eye App.If you also have the need to make friends, you can scan the code to join the “Eye brother matchmaking” group and communicate with more than 1000 friends in the group: