Telika episode 6, Durban is a guest, but he likes the speed warrior, so who is he?

2022-06-11 0 By

In “Teligar Ultraman” the 6th episode special inside, clown monster Durban appeared, he brought today is the earth on all the new generation of Heroes of the Earth defense team and the story of the Soldiers of the Otter, among which the speed type is durban must tell.Durban mentioned trey and altman type air speed and tiga altman air type, is violet, speed is also very similar, in addition to this, today this guest is a type of speed, but he isn’t tiga, but navy wind horse altman, from O – 50 stars, because trey and air type of horse archery movement and wind are exactly the same,Is also the new generation has not lost the speed of the predecessors, and the wind horse later to often appear in teligar inside, so he and Teligar ultraman air type some than.