Zhenping County investment Service Center: Spring Festival greetings and warm hearts

2022-06-11 0 By

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2022, Zhenping County Investment Promotion Service Center distributed more than 100 letters and gifts of sympathy for the Spring Festival to outstanding talents from abroad and investors from other places investing and starting businesses in Zhenping. They not only conveyed the love of their hometown, but also sent them the best wishes for the Spring Festival.After receiving letters and gifts of sympathy, excellent talents and businessmen in The project in Outer Zhenping expressed their gratitude by phone, wechat, SMS and other ways.Kong Fuzi, general manager of Investment promotion of Intan Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, expressed his gratitude to Zhenping County Party Committee and government for bringing a word of miss, a greeting and a concern. Under the premise of ensuring quality and safety, we will speed up the construction progress of the project and contribute to the economic development of Zhenping.Tang Qinglei, president of Zhenping Xi ‘an Chamber of Commerce, expressed his gratitude to the leaders of his hometown for their concern for the overseas children, and expressed his sincere joy for the remarkable achievements in the economic and social fields of his hometown in recent years.In the future, I will actively plan good projects, support the construction of hometown, not the great trust of county leaders.In the New Year, Zhenping County will strongly implement the strategy of “Zhenping people build new Zhenping”, play a good first move, grasp the initiative, do a solid job of investment attraction during the Spring Festival, strive to win the first quarter of investment attraction “good start”, and contribute to the construction of Nanyang sub-center city zhenping strength.