Be careful, this “little it” beside you!

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Many homes and offices have an electric kettle because it’s so quick and easy to boil water, but you might not think that this little thing could cause a lot of trouble.A fire occurred in Xuchang city, Henan Province, fire rescue personnel rushed to the scene to put out the open fire scene of about 10 square meters of fire materials for indoor cartons, sundries and other preliminary judgment of the scene caused by the fire electric kettle found that this kind of accident is really often happen:In June 2020, a fire broke out in the home of a resident in Xiaogan, Hubei Province, after her mistress forgot to put the kettle on before going to bed. The kettle eventually ran dry, causing the fire.Fortunately, firefighters arrived in time and no one was injured.In January 2017, a landlord in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, caused a fire by improperly using an electric kettle.The owner was asleep in his bedroom, and the house was filled with smoke and the situation was critical.The fire was finally put out after the firefighters struggled to put it out.In February 2018, a resident’s home in Shiyan, Hubei province, was caught in a fire after he forgot to cut off the power supply to his kettle while on a New Year’s visit. The entire living room was burned down. Fortunately, the rescue was timely and no one was injured.1, the correct use of socket power plug, socket, power cord and automatic switching device to keep dry and clean.2. Turn off the electric kettle switch before use. Do not connect the power supply before filling the water, otherwise it is easy to burn out the heater and even cause fire accidents.3. Do not exceed the highest water level to avoid water spilling out of the pot when boiling and electric leakage accidents.But the water should not be too little, otherwise it will soon dry.4, pay attention to watch, avoid dry burning dry water is easy to cause spontaneous combustion of electric kettle, and then lead to fire.Source: Sanmen Xia Fire Department