Guangxi Debao county found a nucleic acid test positive person!Major nucleic acid tests were carried out in two towns this morning

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Today (5 February), the Headquarters of the LEADING Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Debao County, Guangxi Province, reported that on 4 February 2022, a person who tested positive for novel coronavirus nucleic acid in the returning person was found in Debao County.The positive patient has been isolated for treatment.Debao county immediately launched an emergency response, and immediately organized an epidemiological investigation, screening of close contacts and sub-close contacts, nucleic acid sampling and testing, regional control and isolation control and other emergency response work.The circular urged the public to further raise awareness of prevention, resolutely obey control, do a good job of personal protection, wear masks in a scientific way, guard against crowds, maintain social distancing, actively cooperate with emergency response work, and do not believe or spread rumors.Follow-up information will be released to the public in a timely manner.Baise Debao Chengguan Town and Du ‘an Township to carry out large-scale nucleic acid testingIn order to actively respond to the current severe epidemic situation, prevent and block the transmission route of the virus as early as possible, and effectively protect the safety and health of the people, our county has decided to carry out nucleic acid testing for all permanent residents and migrants in Chengguan Town and Duan Township on February 5. The relevant information is hereby announced as follows:1. All citizens are invited to carry out nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner at the nearest designated place from 8:30 to 19:00 according to the specific notice and guidance of the village (community) staff (see Annex 1 and 2 for specific arrangements).2. During the test, please bring your ID card, show your “health code”, scan the QR code in advance to register the information of the sampler (see Appendix 3 for the QR code), wear a mask at all times, keep an interval of more than 1 meter with others, do not talk or gather together, and follow the guidance of the field staff.Iii. The weather in our county is cold recently, and some showers are expected. Please take rain gear, keep warm and take precautions according to the weather conditions.Iv. The nucleic acid test shall be carried out to the full, and no family or person shall be missed. Failure to take the nucleic acid test will bring much inconvenience to your life, and those who refuse to cooperate without justified reasons, hinder the prevention and control of the epidemic or cause other serious consequences shall bear corresponding legal responsibilities according to law.Those who fail to take nucleic acid samples once will be given a yellow health code, and those who fail to take nucleic acid samples twice will be given a red health code.For the health and safety of you and the people of the county, please actively cooperate with the masses of the people to ensure the efficient completion of the detection work.(See appendix 1, 2 and 3 below) Sampling sites in counties and urban areas of Debao County, Headquarters of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group, Appendix 1, February 5, 2022Global village, ShengXiang names, phase ii period home, waist tuen yunshan square, lotus city community clearing, actively issue of communities, actively phase ii district, longwan district, town junior high school, the consummation community residents’ committees, the consummation community best dragon street, visionbank cinemas, debao stadium parking lot and cheap housing, affordable housing district, telford community issue, telfordPhase ii, copper mine district and county audit office, the village before crossing breeding a chariot, the village committee, fortune plaza center, eastern Washington district, take-off plaza, sunshine bank street bridge road along the river, the new xin kindergarten, automobile passenger transportation station, west bridge bridge along the river after clearing, longshan feet after mansion street, xinyuan huadu district, angel dental, luen hing building materials market, China, and in front of its gateYuan Community, in front of Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, Hongshan Park Community, Shanshui Biyuan Community, Zhen an Gu Fu, Residents Committee of East City Community, South City Times Square, open space in front of Jixing Station annex 2 Du an Township Sampling site arrangementInstalled with golf course, installed with village street zhuang village kiln, installed with late Jiang Tun stadium, the lotus village marken tuen long tuen, the lotus, lotus village village (collaterals chariot, the lotus village (chariot, fu ji tomiichi Jin Tun stage, foot sensitive tuen banyan tree, fu ji fu ji village near the village of stadium, fu ji village ancient its front, agriculture village XiaJiang chess chariot, agriculture, agriculture chess village to see the chariot chess village halls, agriculture is long chin, sanhe elementary school stadium, chariot SanGe Village near bridge stadium, SanGe Village tuen head, SanGe Village is tuen head, LingLei village halls, LingLei light tuen, village (at the point of the slope, slope that village (mulberry, slope, slope of the village in the village life more village DE Canon tuen tuen, toeic, toeic coverage, dry (coverage, dry (more than the lower back the chariot, LingWei village, village outside the tuen tuen, LingWei, LingWei village LingWei tuen stadium sources:Debao Rong Media Center, Baise Politics and Law, CCTV network