House who live in government uncertain standard enterprises say the final word, the financial street first market talent apartment at the end of March welcome guests

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At the end of March this year, Beijing’s financial Street will welcome the first batch of market-oriented talent apartment “owners.”This is a new outcome of the Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Modern Financial Industry in Xicheng District of Beijing released by Xicheng District in 2018. It is also the first time that Xicheng District has handed over the right of talent apartment distribution to enterprises.Building 1 and Building 2, Yard 10, Wangfucang Hutong are located in the core area of Financial Street, less than one kilometer away from financial Street shopping center and headquarters of major financial enterprises.It is the soon-to-open Financial Street Talent Apartment, a 98-unit building with 47 tenants by the end of March.Talent apartment housing supply are hardcover delivery, carry bags.The 98 houses are divided into two styles of Western European style and simple style, including one, two and three bedrooms.One living area of about 68 square meters, the largest three living area of about 100 square meters, suitable for different ages, family composition of talent to live.At present, the first batch of guest rooms are undergoing the final finishing work, some are installing air conditioning outdoor units, some are waiting for the TV in place, the overall style is clearly visible.The reporter walked into one of them two bedrooms, the droplight of pale green wall paper, suspension reveals western European style, staff member is checking the juncture of wall paper inside the room.Between one wall is the contracted wind that gives priority to attune with gray two lives.”Support the construction of the Financial Street as a gathering area for world outstanding financial talents, create an open financial development environment and build a world-class business environment.””Ten Articles of Golden Clothing” is the fundamental reason for the construction of talent apartment in Financial Street.Relevant departments of Xicheng District will conduct comprehensive evaluation on the qualified institutions, and grant the residence right of talents apartment for 1 to 3 years according to the institutions’ reward status.The 11 enterprises and institutions that share the first batch of housing resources include central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and financial institutions in the district. They are the winners of the enterprise Comprehensive Contribution Award in Xicheng District in 2020.It is worth mentioning that, unlike in the past, only after government departments set standards, talent declaration and approval can the allocation of housing, this talent apartment distribution power to enterprises.After the housing is given to the enterprise, the enterprise decides who can move in according to its talent policy.This market-oriented distribution method can not only save some procedural approval work, but also enhance the incentive of enterprises to talent, killing two birds with one stone.It is within walking distance to work, and the price is no higher than the average price in the surrounding market. All 98 apartments in the Financial Street talent Apartment will be filled by the end of this year.Next, the market talent apartment will be landed in the core area of Xicheng District in 2023.