Punch!Investigation supervises with cooperate office “the first battle” the beginning battle is successful!

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The People’s Procuratorate of Emin County recently intervened in an online gambling case involving more than 20 million yuan at the request of public security authorities.Through the investigation, the suspect he mou through Lin’s management of the network chat room, has convened its platform under the union president Xue mou, Gao mou, Xu Mou three people in the platform to open a casino.After three years of operation and development, formed a hierarchical, numerous participants in the “pyramid” type of online gambling gang, illegal profits of more than 10 million yuan.Due to the large number of people involved in the case, the wide distribution of personnel and the complexity of the case, the People’s Procuratorate of Emin County immediately selected experienced prosecutors to work in the Office of Investigation Supervision and Cooperation, carefully completed the review of files and evidence materials, participated in the case discussion for many times, and guided the investigation and evidence collection.In the qualitative case, facts ascertainment, evidence collection and other aspects of the guidance of the investigation suggestions, for the smooth litigation of the case laid a solid foundation.After the case was prosecuted, the People’s Court of Emin County convicted all seven people involved in the case.It is understood that the case is the first case since the Emin County People’s Procuratorate and the Emin County Public Security Bureau’s Investigation Supervision and Cooperation Office were established in 2022.The prosecution and the police fully rely on the “Investigation supervision and Cooperation Office”, so that the handling of the case into the “fast lane”, to achieve fast investigation, fast prosecution, fast trial, greatly improve the efficiency of the handling of criminal cases, saving the judicial resources of criminal proceedings.”Investigation Supervision and Cooperation Office” is an important platform for procuratorial organs and public security organs to strengthen investigation supervision and cooperation.The establishment of the platform has further strengthened the effective connection between the procuratorial and police in law enforcement and handling cases, unified understanding and eliminating differences, formed a joint force in improving the quality of case handling and the credibility of law enforcement and justice, realized the homogenization and systematization of supervision, and provided a platform mechanism guarantee for the effective implementation of relevant systems in case handling practice.As the first procuratorial and police Joint meeting of The People’s Procuratorate of Emin County was held in 2022, the People’s Procuratorate of Emin County and the Public Security Bureau of Emin County had in-depth discussions on the cooperation and information sharing of investigation and supervision in the judicial handling of criminal procedure supervision, guilty plea and juvenile crime cases.Preliminary consensus was reached on the main responsibilities of the Office of Investigation Supervision and Cooperation, such as organization and coordination, supervision and cooperation, supervision and implementation, consultation and guidance.In the next step, the People’s Procuratorate of Emin County and the Public Security Bureau of Emin County will further improve the mechanism of investigation supervision and cooperation.In cases where there are disputes over the nature of the case, evidence collection, fact-finding and application of law, we will step up intervention in advance to guide investigation and form a joint force for prosecution and investigation.Second, we will improve the unified mechanism for matching criminal cases.We will further strengthen supervision and management of criminal law enforcement, fully control the quality of cases, and increase cooperation between procuratorates and public security organs to ensure efficient and standardized operation of criminal proceedings.Third, we will establish a two-way notification mechanism for criminal cases.Regular two-way briefings on the quality and efficiency of cases are carried out to reach consensus on standardizing law enforcement and case handling procedures, reducing case handling risks, reducing case defects and improving case quality.Fourth, strengthen cooperation in business training and exchanges.Regular training will be carried out for prosecutors and police in the same room, and the two sides will teach each other. Meanwhile, professional and new types of cases will be strengthened to learn and exchange.We will take a class together, study a law together, handle a case together, and jointly improve the quality and efficiency of judicial case handling.”Having institutions” is a good beginning, “having institutions” is an important guarantee, “having work” is a long-term process, and “having effects” is a long-term requirement.In the future, emin County People’s Procuratorate should strengthen communication and coordination from the perspective of win-win, all win and all win, focus on key cases and regular work, work hard to improve the supporting work mechanism, build a new type of positive interaction between prosecutors and police, and effectively improve the efficiency of criminal case handling and legal supervision level.Feeds | office (Zhang Yunjing)