The restaurant responded that “the blogger posted the QR code for ordering food and users ordered 3 million yuan” : it was a spoof and did not call the police

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On the night of February 18, a Weibo user posted a QR code to order food at a restaurant in Beijing. After that, a number of netizens placed remote orders totaling more than 3 million yuan.In response, the restaurant said it had indeed received a large number of remote orders from netizens, which was a spoof.Beijing wanshou Road police station said it had not received a report about the incident.At 6:15 PM on Feb 18, blogger Erzhu posted on weibo, “The table number for dinner tonight is too stupid.”The post was accompanied by a photo of a QR code for the kievan Rose restaurant in Beijing, where the table number has multiple numbers of 2’s.”Who ordered 68 bottles of vodka for me? Now the restaurant won’t let me leave and I have already arrived at the police station,” the “pig” later tweeted.”I say how dish after dish, I can’t finish.”He posted a list of orders including Ukrainian red cabbage soup, cream of mushroom soup, tomahawk steak and 68 bottles of vodka, which cost more than 1 million yuan each.He later claimed on weibo that the total price was 3.15 million yuan.According to its weibo location, it was at the Wanshou Road police station in Beijing’s Haidian district.The incident drew widespread attention online, with one saying: “My friend went to dinner and ordered a meal worth 1.23 million yuan. Then, in order to cover up the fact that he was able to eat, he pretended to say it was someone else’s order.”On the night of February 18, a staff member of The Kiev Rose restaurant in Beijing told jimu news that there were indeed a lot of netizens ordering food for the table. The backstage of the restaurant showed that more than 3 million yuan had been ordered, and some dishes had been prepared, but it was discovered that the dishes were spoof by netizens and were not served.19 early morning, the restaurant and a staff said that the restaurant did not call the police.”I am the party involved,” the user wrote on Weibo. “There was a misunderstanding, and everyone left.”In the early morning of February 19, extreme news reporters scanned the QR code posted by the blogger and found that dishes could not be added.In the morning of the 19th, when the reporter measured again found that the order QR code needs to obtain the geographical location of the user, if the click refused to obtain the geographical location can not be placed through the mobile phone.On related issues, the reporter sent a private message to contact the blogger “Two Pigs”, but received no reply.Staff at wanshou Road police station told Jimu news that the station had not received a report about the incident.