Which is better for Spring Festival travel?Changan Auchan X5 Tiger Roar limited edition

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Which is better for Spring Festival travel?Changan auchan X5 roars limited edition firmly hold the lunar New Year holiday approaching, believe that busy for a year you already think it over how to reward themselves, the tourism has become a lot of people of choice, bring a youngest son to a said go go travel, can pull the atmosphere of the reunion, of course, it’s better if can play on new car drive.Actually whether or short-distance travel long distance driving, the vehicle’s safety performance is important, a good car can at any time, give a person with a sense of security, this, changan auchan X5 roars limited edition’s performance is very good, it not only on the appearance design thriving, character movement, more points on the various security performance full of skill points.In recent years, with the continuous promotion and popularity of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, the safety performance of automobiles has made great progress by virtue of such technologies.For a long time, the vehicle’s safety performance are mainly embodied in the passive safety level, and now, talking about the safety of the car, we’ll see how it ability of active safety first, see if it can earlier find risk and avoid, timely to do LLC, so, changan auchan X5 roars limited edition’s performance?Changan Auchan X5 tiger Roar limited edition in active safety configuration, equipped with OnStyle 3.0 intelligent ecosystem, it can carry out more than 20 vehicle status function self-check, anytime and anywhere to provide users with accurate vehicle condition report, so that users can do at any time know.For example, it is equipped with tire pressure alarm, braking force distribution, brake assist, traction control, body stability, lane departure warning, fatigue driving reminder, panoramic image, uphill assist, steep slope slow descent and other functions, can help people better control the vehicle, so as to stay away from danger, safe travel.Of course, the active safety system is not a panacea. When the vehicle is inevitably going to crash, the passive safety performance of the vehicle is very important.Changan Auchan X5 tiger roar limited edition at the beginning of the design fully considered the possibility of all kinds of accidents, so in addition to equipped with a number of rich airbag group, it has done a comprehensive strengthening design on the body structure, so that the vehicle can have more solid bones.Specifically, its body of high strength steel accounted for 78%.B pillar and front anti-collision beam are optimized by thermal forming ultra-high strength steel, with 1500Mpa strength;54 key parts such as AB column and engine room side beam are made of high strength steel, and the body strength is increased by 30%-40%.In the event of a collision, the energy-absorbing structure of its body can efficiently absorb and decompose the collision energy, while the passenger cabin is completely wrapped by the rigid structure, which can hold up more abundant safety space for the occupants of the car, and then realize the full range of safety protection, so that people feel more secure.In addition to the active and passive safety aspects, the dynamic performance of the vehicle is also related to the safety capability of the vehicle.For example, when overtaking, a car with sufficient power can reduce the time spent in close contact with other vehicles when overtaking. For example, when a vehicle gets stuck in an unfrequented area, a stronger power can often make the vehicle have a higher strength to escape.Therefore, when we choose a car, we must try to choose a more dynamic style.Changan Auchan X5 tiger Roar limited edition in dynamic performance and how?It is equipped with blue Whale NE1.5T turbocharged engine with 132 kw Z power and 300 N · m peak torque, matching 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission, but also has overtaking mode, track mode and other special ability to output more power in a short period of time, zero hundred acceleration in 7.79 seconds.In the power output to do comparable to the performance of 2.0T level models, giving the vehicle a wider range of adaptability, travel around the world is not afraid.Written after Z: New Year travel, safety z is important, changan Auchan X5 Tiger Roar limited edition no matter in active safety, passive safety, dynamic performance has a balanced and excellent performance.It is not only a qualified family car, but also a powerful tool for young people to show themselves and express their personalities.What’s more, with a price tag of 107,900 yuan, most people can afford to buy a car without pressure.Soon the New Year, also don’t seize the time to snap up a Changan Auchan X5 tiger Roar limited edition?Nationwide limited to 666 cars, buy is really earn!