A woman has been married for 3 years and has cheated 5 times. Her husband forgave her children 4 times and couldn’t bear the fifth time

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“No man can stand seven years of marriage and five years of infidelity.””I did cheat, but don’t you know who made me cheat?Does this family treat me like a human being? ‘A fierce argument broke out between a man and a woman in front of their house. It was reported that they often quarreled. The woman had been away from home for a long time, and the man asked the media to intervene.And the woman also said he derailed and this man can not take off the relationship, what happened between the two people?Wang Yu woman’s name is Peng Bingbing, born of a very beautiful moving, age has been more than 30, but looks like a 20-year-old girl.The woman’s husband, Wang Yu, sat silent on the sofa after being persuaded into the house.The mediator took Ms. Peng aside and first asked about Mr. Wang’s claim.Wang Yu says he and wife Peng Bingbing have been married for 7 years, at the beginning he and his wife are very loving, but since the birth of the child, the temperament of the wife changes greatly, and the wife of gentle but very different from two people before.Wang Yu felt that with the child, the focus of life was all on the child, as for the change of his wife himself did not pay too much attention.But his wife cheated on him five times in a row after that, which left Wang devastated.Four times Wang Yu chose to forgive, one is for the sake of the young children, the second is Peng Bingbing beg his forgiveness, his wife that lovely and moving appearance is really breathtaking.But this time, Wang Yu said really unbearable, Peng Bingbing this time is no exception, also find Wang Yu said forgive things, but Wang Yu this time feel such a wife, they do not want to continue to go on.Peng Bingbing mediator asked Peng Bingbing, Peng Bingbing confessed to his affair, and said that he and Wang Yu really married because of love, and just married two people had a very happy, soon two people ushered in the crystallization of love.But after giving birth to the child, mother-in-law and husband to their attitude to a 180 degrees u-turn, which makes Peng Bingbing puzzled, just gave birth to the child peng Bingbing body has not kept good, was forced to go out to make money by her mother-in-law.Peng Bingbing wanted to struggle originally, but the husband and mother-in-law actually stood in a battle line, and still take the child to threaten him.Peng Bingbing said that since then, this home is no longer his happy harbor, here became a prison of their own cage, he lost freedom here, lost happiness, they want to escape, will happen derailed things.The two people are expressing completely different things, which is true, still have to continue to dig.Peng bingbing said she and her husband had long been unable to go down, the two are now agreeing to divorce, and Peng’s request is just to take their son.Peng Bingbing said after the birth of his son, he and his son get along with time is very little, his work is very busy, and the mother-in-law’s control of his son is also very people do not understand, as the child’s mother Peng Bingbing even see a child to discuss with her mother-in-law.And this quarrel with Wang Yu three months, mother-in-law did not let Peng Bingbing see the child, more exaggerated is also put Peng Bingbing from the children’s school security system moved out, Peng Bingbing went to school can not meet with the child.Peng Bingbing said he as a mother, is very distressed son, son of clothes, with school supplies are their own to buy, husband and mother-in-law on the child did not spend a penny, even so, Peng Bingbing at home also can not get the respect of the Wang family.This day, the mediator is going to take Peng Bingbing wang Yu home, two families face to face to make things clear.Came to wang home, because it is daytime, Wang Yu should be out of work, only Peng Bing Bing’s in-laws at home.In-laws see Peng Bingbing came back and did not show very excited, just calmly asked: “How do you come back.””Did you bring the divorce papers with you?” peng said when she came back to take her son away.Peng bingbing said she just wanted to take her child away. As a mother of her child, she wanted to see her child get a better education and give him a better environment.And this is not seen in wang’s home, it is only a backward prison.The mediator asked father-in-law at this time, Peng Bingbing in the wang family these years, whether they mistreated Peng Bingbing, then father-in-law is very impatient, said no one is not good to Peng Bingbing, and the child is not as Peng Bingbing said not to visit.Father-in-law says Peng Bingbing is a third party in those days, in those days his son Wang Yu is to have girlfriend, just because of working reason, two people are long-distance love, at this time Peng Bingbing intervenes in the feelings of two people, this ability lets Wang Yu and before cummer divide hand.Father-in-law says in those days because peng Bingbing was pregnant pester Wang Yu all the time, and oneself also feel the son must be responsible to this pregnant woman, so let the son go to Shanghai as soon as possible and say clearly before cummer.Father-in-law said more and more excited, “I tell you, this woman at that time is a small third, we have made a compromise for her belly child, but also a lot of betrothal price to marry her into the door, but this woman is not willing to get a certificate with my son, we do not know what she is thinking.”Peng ice ice see father-in-law have been saying all the things, also is not to be outdone, have been saying is to take the child away, and said if you don’t let the children take their own member, have to compensate for their damages, peng said ice ice that myself when I’m in love with wang yu didn’t know he has a girlfriend, put it that way, not is wang yu to be honest,And when he was pregnant, Wang Yu kept in touch with his ex-girlfriend, and how to calculate this matter.At this time the mediator asked father-in-law, Peng Bingbing for the family also paid a lot, including money, at this time father-in-law more excited, said Peng Bingbing did not spend money for the home, bring only the original dowry.And Peng Bingbing is excited to take out the phone put out evidence, Peng Bingbing said he often give Wang Yu transfer, home water heater and air conditioning is their own purchase, how can you say that he did not spend money to the home, at this time the father-in-law can only emphasize that this is a long time ago.Father-in-law said Peng Bingbing is so disorderly to leave this home, and Peng Bingbing wants to leave this home completely because she has found others outside.The father-in-law said the woman had done many crazy things to leave the family, including trying to murder Wang Yu.Hearing this, the mediator is also very shocked, how to make this step of murder.The father-in-law then used his mobile phone to play a video of Wang yu with obvious wounds on his neck.Father-in-law said peng Bingbing in order to leave, with a kitchen knife cut wrist threat, Wang Yu worried about death, immediately drove Peng Bingbing to the hospital.But not to the hospital, Peng Bingbing with mad as he rushed to choke Wang Yu’s neck, not to let go, Wang Yu almost went back.And Peng Bingbing parents are not willing to accept the Wang, when Peng Bingbing wanted to get married with Wang Yu, Peng Bingbing parents that is every way to obstruct, they think the conditions of the Wang is too poor, want to go along with the rich.After marriage, Peng parents are also constantly as a demon, want to take her daughter away.Father-in-law said, peng Bingbing also said to himself privately, very believe wang in-laws, do not believe his father, so no matter how peng parents say, Peng Bingbing did not leave.At this time Peng Bingbing said, his words at that time is not from the heart, but Wang Yu behind his threat, with his son to threaten Peng Bingbing.At this time the two sides deadlocked, can only wait for Wang Yu to come back again.After receiving the call from the mediator, Wang Yu put down his work and went home immediately.At the first sight of Wang Yu, the mediator was shocked. He looked very honest and honest, and did not look like someone who would use violence against a woman.And Wang Yu just arrived home, Peng Bingbing began his chatter again, pulling Wang Yu began to count the money that he spends to this home.Peng said Wang had been using violence against her, which made her want to leave the family, while Wang scratched his head helplessly and said, “Look at her. Even if I wanted to use violence, I couldn’t touch her.”Says wang peng ice ice wants to leave because of someone in the outside, he had found her derailed five times, four times for families and children, Wang Yudou chose to forgive, and this is the fifth time, peng ice ice and the man had been dating for a year, and the man recently dumped peng ice ice, ice ice there is no way, and to evaluate their forgive her.The mediator asked Wang if he had any evidence to prove the truth of these things, and Wang held out a text message from his mobile phone, in which the man persuaded Peng to return to the family, also said that they would not continue with Peng.At this time Peng Bingbing denied, said it could not prove the man’s identity, perhaps Wang Yu forged, at this time Wang Yu took out two paragraphs of Peng Bingbing and man dialogue recording.Even in the face of such obvious evidence, Peng is still unwilling to admit it.Peng Bingbing continued to pour bitterness at this time, said he was pregnant after the child did not long, Wang Yu had a car accident, his body has not recovered, her husband can only rest in the home to eat rice.The in-laws feel that the family can not make money, so they forced themselves to go out to make money, he intended to give birth to the child and Wang Yu get the certificate, so a trouble, also peng Bingbing originally wanted to get the certificate of the heart poured out.Wang Yu said he actually everything along with his wife, otherwise with Peng Bingbing’s temper, had fallen out.He is true to Peng Bingbing is sincere, but Peng Bingbing has one day abrupt disposition changes greatly, must leave this home, this is not because outside somebody.Wang Yu said that Peng Bingbing while lingering outside life, and to entwine themselves, is to take their spare tire.Peng Bingbing at this time can no longer listen to it, began to hit things, loudly said the Wang family this is in slander themselves, for Peng Bingbing crazy behavior, wang family did not ignore, as if it has been used to.Mediators at this time also feel peng Bingbing is less and less like a victim of the appearance, whether wang is the real victim.The mediator followed Peng Bingbing back to peng home to understand the situation.Peng’s parents are obviously aware of their daughter’s situation, and there is nothing they can do about it.They took out a copy of their daughter’s medical certificate. It turned out that On October 30 last year, Peng went to the hospital and was found to have an adjustment disorder, and was hospitalized for a period of time.After leaving the hospital, Peng parents feel Peng Bingbing did not really recover, daughter is still very strange, Peng Fu said this is in the Wang depression too long, daughter will suffer from this disease.After leaving the hospital, he also let his daughter don’t go back to the wang, stay in her family to keep well, but Peng Bingbing don’t know for what, still run to the Wang.Peng Fu said at the beginning was very opposed to the marriage, now also regret to marry her daughter in the past, let her daughter suffer such a disaster.Peng Fu said Peng Bingbing was hospitalized for ten days, wang’s family are informed, but no one came to visit her, and now also abandon Peng Bingbing, this is really sad.At this time the mediator asked Peng Fu know peng Bingbing derailed things, and there is no possibility that Peng Bingbing is not necessarily sick because of the wang stay, may also be because outside by others broke the heart to change the disease.At this time Peng mother tears, said her daughter made a little mistake in the Wang family will be accused of non-stop, wang family never good to Peng Bingbing, is the wang family daughter forced to this field now.Peng mother’s words are also the default peng Bingbing derailed things, but Peng Bingbing in the King’s experience is also really very sad.And peng ice ice after married into the wangs, gave a lot for the wangs, the wangs are main economic income came from peng ice ice, member not only don’t know gratitude, had been haranguing peng ice ice also derailed things put pressure on her, with a child to a threat peng ice ice, so long-term oppression let peng ice ice finally collapse had to adapt to the disorder.Now the Wang family want to throw Peng Bingbing away, not to let Peng Bingbing home, this is not burning Bridges.Peng mother said he was ashamed of his daughter, then and Peng Fu work in the field, can only throw Peng Bingbing to grandma care.This also lets Peng Bingbing’s character become rebellious extreme, but Peng mother said Peng Bingbing is very sensible and kind.Peng mother said he now what also dont want to tube, just want to let Peng Bingbing as soon as possible to recover, also hope that the Wang family dont continue to tangle in the affair, the two families put Peng Bingbing’s body good, and then do.And for the Wang side, Wang Yu said he really love Peng Bingbing before, anxious to give her all their good things.But Peng Bingbing has been thinking about the man outside the good, lukewarm to himself, often with his contradiction.Wang Yu said know Peng Bingbing home situation is not good, is very distressed Peng Bingbing, Wang Yu even said now he is also happy to help Peng Bingbing, find the person who hurt her, help her solve things outside.But two people go today this step has been irreparable, Wang Yu said to see in the feelings of many years, he will be part of the property to Peng Bingbing, also hope to see Peng Bingbing better and better.