Heinous!A 39-year-old former female soccer player has been shot dead in what police say was a targeted attack

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To this day, it is hard to understand why guns are allowed to run amok abroad.To tell the truth, the proportion of aggressive behaviour happen now, and ever have obvious rise, fast rhythm, let a lot of people can’t focused, combined with network of complicated world, it is easy to in a certain period of time, psychological collapse suddenly, someone is the victim, someone may be a bully, in this context, there is a sound control measures,It is definitely one of the effective measures to avoid “tragedy”.After 4 days of investigation, a news about the confirmation that “a 39-year-old former female soccer player was shot dead” has been hotly discussed. Although she left China early and settled down in Canada, she is still concerned by many Chinese netizens, which also once again triggered people’s views on the rampant use of guns in foreign countries.Two women, Wu Shumin, 50, and Sun Yingying, 39, were found shot to death in a white BMW SUV on a residential street in Vancouver’s west side on Feb. 20, according to sources.Among them, Ms. Wu is a famous local rich, only in Canada has over 100 million assets.Sun yingying has also played for Dalian Shide Women’s Football team and Tianjin Huisen Women’s Football Team. She has Asian football coach certificate and Asian Fitness Coach certificate. On the recommendation of her teammates, she joined the Training of Vancouver White Caps as an athlete.In 2009, Sun started her own soccer academy, worked as a head coach at several of vancouver’s major soccer clubs, and became the head coach of BC’s top league.Looking back, the frequent occurrence of shootings in foreign countries has caused countless and irreparable tragedies. This root problem is also the core reason why people in foreign countries do not feel safe to go out at night.The street where the tragedy took place is known to be a wealthy part of the city and one of the safest places in Canada.Honestly, where there are people, there are fights, there are problems, but the mood swings, most of them brief, the consequences of fist fights, most of them hospitalizations, but with guns, the consequences are terrible.According to local media reports, the incident was only discovered the next morning by neighbours who called the police.In addition, some reporters said that there are no cameras on this road, so the killer may not be caught.And in the local Chinese leak, revealed that the local police believe this is a targeted attack.In short, there may be a variety of reasons behind this tragic incident, but we should pay attention to the local area behind the shooting. At the same time, we also advise people going abroad to minimize night travel and avoid conflicts as much as possible.What do you think about that?Feel free to join us in the comments section below.