Lianshui County “four intensification” to create a new entrepreneurial highland

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In recent years, Lianshui County has paid great attention to the work of entrepreneurship and employment training, giving full play to the positive role of employment and entrepreneurship in the process of promoting common prosperity.Last year, 3,093 people were supported to start their own businesses, 10,874 people were employed by starting their own businesses, and 178 million yuan of loans were issued to enrich the people.We trained 5,880 urban and rural workers and 3,067 new generation of migrant workers.First, we will strengthen the detailed implementation of policies.We will increase support for small, medium and micro businesses that start their own businesses, and earnestly implement a series of policies on subsidies for starting businesses, social security, and job creation, so as to lighten the burden on enterprises and maintain the sound momentum of sound development.We will introduce policies to support entrepreneurship.Actively implement policies and measures such as “Detailed rules for the Further Implementation of Employment and Entrepreneurship work in Lianshui County” and “Detailed rules for the implementation of preferential policies for employment and entrepreneurship in Lianshui County”.We will further refine the standards for social security subsidies and business start-up subsidies for individual businesses.We will vigorously screen the employment situation of start-ups, and grant subsidies to help them create jobs.Guide entrepreneurs to declare tax procedures and cash initial start-up subsidies.Second, we will improve the quality and efficiency of our services.We will actively explore and implement the “service for business startups” policy, and strengthen support and services for market entities, especially start-ups.By actively strengthening coordination with financial institutions, banks and other units, strengthening guidance throughout the whole process, optimizing multi-node services, shortening the process chain, realizing the new mode of “one-window acceptance and centralized processing” of start-up support services, and constantly improving the efficiency of application, review and distribution of various start-up subsidies.Continue to maintain the substantial growth momentum of discount loans for rich people to start businesses in our county in recent years, and strive to release more than 200 million yuan of loans for rich people to start businesses;At the same time, we will increase the convergence of policies on employment and business startups, create more space for new forms and models of employment and business startups, enhance the capacity of economic growth to generate employment and business startups, and realize the effect of business startups doubling employment.Third, strengthen platform carrier construction.We will strengthen the development of business platforms and improve the service system.In county town of linkage way, actively build more business incubation platform, for micro, small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs to provide more deep soil and encourages guide towns street, park positive use of the existing industrial clusters, entrepreneurial point to carry out the construction of business incubators, timely cash all kinds of business incubation subsidies, strive to build the municipal business incubators 1, 2 at the county level.At the same time, actively planning the creation of entrepreneurial training base, by tapping development potential, expand the scale of development, to maximize the practice and development platform for all types of entrepreneurs.Fourth, we will strengthen exemplary demonstration and guidance.Give full play to the resultant force, to support the youth entrepreneurship as the main line, to development jobs, and to promote youth employment entrepreneurship as the goal, from the effective support, business training and made solid progress “” among” entrepreneurs “TV special recording promotion, on a regular basis to promote the county into riches artist, let people around, things around encouraging entrepreneurial passion;Prepare to hold the county’s third “youth entrepreneurship competition” activities, through a series of entrepreneurship promotion activities, and strive to establish a relatively perfect work system to promote entrepreneurship, cultivate entrepreneurial typical, mining outstanding entrepreneurial projects, screening representative entrepreneurial projects to participate in provincial and municipal excellent projects selection.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: