Qiao Xin “Yan Yu Fu” hit the dress Huang Riying: poor cast also have great energy, 400 million broadcast is to prove

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Yan Yu Fu, starring Qiao Xin and Xu Zhengxi, is currently on the air.It has racked up 402 million views in 12 days, which is not bad for an A-rated drama.Such achievements are undoubtedly due to: 1. Original scripts.”IP fever” is still hot at present, the big IP screen has become the “mainstream”.However, the “magic change” habit does not change, so that many big IP embarked on the fate of being “spoiled”.And Yan Yu Fu is undoubtedly a clear current among them.Because it is the original screenplay at the same time, scriptwriter’s skills also stand the “test”.Although, there are still bugs in the processing of part of the story.However, the flaws do not overshadow the flaws, which is also the reason why Yan Yu Fu can gain so much praise.In contrast to big IPS that reveal plot (with respect to the source material), original scripts reveal nothing at all.The story is all in the scriptwriter’s “handle”, also let the audience guess the plot, very fresh.On the basis of the original script, the plot of Yan Yu Fu also has many wonderful places.While fighting, suspense, love and other elements are presented in Yan Yu Fu, the characters of the male and female lead are more surprising to the audience.Different from Mary Sue and Sweet pet dramas in the past, the male and female protagonists in Yan Yu Fu are both “black bellies” and are called “black Lotus couple” by the audience.Two people add up to be full of heart, but also let the audience call straight “satisfying”.And with the plot and people set the addition, “Yan Yu Fu” has a reason for the explosion.However, there are advantages and disadvantages.Actors’ poor lines have been teased a lot, but it does not hinder the experience of watching the drama.The way slightly cheaper, which is more than the cast helpless.Because as A drama yan Yu Fu, worthy of the name is A “poor cast”.Compared with the production of S-grade or EVEN S +, Yan Yu Fu is certainly not comparable.And the clothes look cheap at the same time, she was found to have a number of clothes.Is stylist to save trouble “copy and paste”?It’s not.The stylist is different, just because the cast is really a little “poor”.Tang Xiaotian and Huang Riying starred in the online drama “Can’t Afford to Provoke Your Highness” was also popular.With 858 million cumulative views, it has already proved its “strength”.However, when Yan Yu Fu started broadcasting, many netizens found that huang Riying’s costume in Your Highness can’t Afford to Annoy was worn on the heroine Qiao Xin.Many modelling bump unlined upper garment became a fact.Of course, costume recycling is a common occurrence in the filming of movies and TV series.However, it also exposes the truth of yan Yu fu’s small cost and “poverty”.After all, most big-budget movies and TV shows will tailor their costumes to the female lead.However, small-budget network dramas must bow to the “lack of money”, and costumes are mostly rented and purchased.P.s. : she also bought finished hanfu for various styles.Group performance has been repeatedly used in addition to the poor visible to the naked eye on the model, the props in the play also revealed a thick cheap breath.It’s plastic, but it’s not gorgeous.In order to complete the shooting, the group performance is used to the “extreme”.”Five or six times in a minute,” he said.”The leading actor + group can not play the appearance of 20 or 30 people, and it is very simple to take Taoism.”Even if the audience wanted to ignore it, it would be hard to ignore it.Naturally, in front of such a fact as “poor”, the cast of yan Yu Fu can only do “make the best use of things”.However, even if poor, Yan Yu Fu still played a pair of “Wang Fried card”.And small cost plays often have “big energy”, the early “royal ojakin made” explosion is the best proof.02 Why the small budget network drama, often can be popular?With “Yan Yu fu” similar, “ojakin” as a B-grade drama, but also created a “miracle”.At present, the rating of 8.0 points proves that its public praise is good, and the total amount of 1,448 billion playback is the “explosive effect” realized by “ojakin Xiaojakin”.Naturally, the director Lou Jian can be said to have contributed to the explosion of “ojakin”.”Three years of grinding a sword” script grinding, scriptwriting girl and Qian Xiaobai take the trouble, but also the director Lou Jian generous instructions.The rating of “certainly not S” is Lou Jian’s self-perception.Lou jian’s goal is to shoot as best as possible so that the audience can watch at least 8 points of douban without double speed.As it turned out, Lou jian moved the audience with his “sincerity”.Also with outstanding directing ability, the royal gong Xiaojakin made with the “explosive” position.However, in such a “B-grade drama” as ojakin, poverty is certainly a fact.To this end, director Lou Jian also made compromises on many levels.”We have a very low production budget, and we don’t have the money to find the big streamers. Most of the cost of the show is spent on production, but we still have some regrets, like we don’t have the money to do the costumes.”Please can not afford to flow, the use of new.Set a production of 36 episodes, within a reasonable range to reduce the story.However, Lou Jian’s regret is that he has made the best “presentation” in the play.Lou Jian insists on doing a good play with his heart.This is the “birth” of the royal ojakin.And small – cost network drama hit “king fried” card is not an example.”Go Princess go”, “Song Youth”, “Chen Qianqian rumors” and other plays are small network drama to create the “myth”, also let a lot of new people to be on the map.Poor naked eyes can be seen, but they all have good results.In contrast, many S-rated and S-+ productions tend to end up as “hit the street” and “bad dramas”.Even if there is a large cost plus, there are many flow stars to join, still can not save the word of mouth.So why can the small cost network drama but “outstanding encircled”, often able to word-of-mouth explosive?The reason is actually very simple, less “capital intervention”, the cast master the initiative.”Sky-high salary”, “designated actors”, “bring money into the group”, “magic script”, “fancy marketing” have become the trend of many “capital end” plays.Good big IP has been adapted “beyond recognition”.The promised S + series is full of special effects, cheap and humane.Hot search is directly buy fly, but not its lay word of mouth.The “awe of creation” of the cast also makes one big production after another onto the throne of “bad drama”.And small – budget network drama is often the opposite.Production costs are often spent on the “edge”, and less “marketing”, “traffic” and other unnecessary costs.The script becomes the key to the small – cost network drama to “take off”.”Yan Yu Fu” is the same, “royal ojakin zuo” is the same.Li Chengru said in the program, “The director has no right to choose actors any more. It’s just capital to choose again.”And 150 million on an actress, is that a good bet?Of course not.For this reason, they derived a lot of “unnecessary” trouble.Later to do a lot of adjustment not to say, but also to find a good voice to the actress “bottom”.So we can recoup our $150 million investment.And this kind of operation often happens in “flow drama”.Under the name of S and S + drama, tailor-made for streaming stars.The script is not the “leading” of the film and television drama, the flow star is the key, is a stunt.Let the script, acting, original lines for flow star let “road”.For this reason, compared with big production, small cost network drama will not have so many concerns.Please can not afford to flow big coffee, out of the circle can only be the story, is acting.That’s why there are so many low-budget online drama hits.What do you think about that?Have you seen Yan Yu Fu?Do you know of any other low-budget Internet shows that are also popular?Welcome to share!I am time Jane fireworks.Human fireworks color, the most touching people.More good articles please pay attention