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The seventh chapter promised me a condition Gu Nansheng so blood on his face, was sent to the mental hospital.Everything had already been arranged inside, and Gu had been placed directly with the most dangerous patients.On his first night in a mental hospital, Gu was surrounded and beaten by three or four men.She already had a bone-deep cut on her face, had been kicked and punched, and had lost a good piece of flesh on her face and body.And that’s just the beginning.Under the pretext of treatment, the hospital gave gu a variety of torture treatment, and even electric shock therapy, which had been abandoned for many years and was forbidden, was used on Gu.Every day in the hospital was a hell for Gu.At the beginning, she could still hold on, but after half a month, gu’s spirit became trance and she was in a muddle every day, and she could not control her temper and anger.She became as aggressive and destructive as the maniacs in the asylum.She was now, so to speak, half a mental patient…This day, the nurse called Gu nansheng to the office again in the name of treatment.Deadpan, she walked into the office and stood in the middle of the carpet, waiting for the torture to come.”Coffee?”A cup of hot, fragrant coffee was suddenly sent to her.Gu’s dull nerves stirred and he raised his eyes to look at the people in front of him.The man, wearing silver-framed glasses, looks elegant and elegant, with a gentle smile on his lips, looks at Gu Nansheng gently.”Why should you be nice to me?”Gu Nansheng alert, she has seen too many sinister people in this hospital, she does not believe this man, will be good to her for no reason.With a gentle smile, the man put the coffee into Gu’s hand and spoke softly, “My name is Su Mingzhe. I am kind to you because…You look a lot like my late wife.”Su Mingzhe looked out of the window with a look of sadness and remembrance. After recalling for a moment, he turned his eyes to Gu Nansheng and continued: “If you promise me one condition, I will help you escape from this place. I know you are not really mentally ill.”Gu Twisted his eyebrows and warily said, “What conditions?”Su Mingzhe looked at her face wistfully and answered, “Hypnotic amnesia.I want you to be my late ex-wife. You look so much like her, you can take her place.””She is she and I am I.I do not, nor will I, take her place.”Gu refused su’s request and left without touching his coffee.Hypnotic amnesia, turning into another woman, what’s the difference between being dead?Gu Returned to the ward, continue to live a zombie life, until Gu Baishuang’s visit.Gu nansheng was changed into a tied hand clothes, sent to the reception room, saw gu Baishuang in bright clothes.The slight wound on her face had healed without a trace, while the dagger scratch on Gu’s face still had ugly scars.Gu Baishuang smiled and said, “Gu Nansheng, I have a message for you. Do you want to hear it?”Gu looked at her coldly and did not care.Gu Baishuang was not angry. She walked calmly and leisurely to Gu Nansheng with high heels and said in a sweet voice, “Your son, who was born long ago, died.”The next moment, Gu nansheng suddenly opened his eyes wide: “What did you say?”Gu Baishuang said sadly, “Your child is dead.I don’t want to. He was born too early. Even the incubator didn’t keep him alive.Do you know where his body is now?”With great interest, Gu Baishuang stared at gu nansheng’s expression of pain and anger and continued happily, “I threw it away.I threw him into the rubbish heap of wild dogs. The boy was only as big as two hands, but it was meat anyway. I wonder if the wild dogs would tear him up and eat him, leaving his bones empty…”(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Girls’ Novel Research Institute, xiaobian for you continue to recommend wonderful novels!