Three kingdoms strategy edition: treacherous male ride, do not treacherous male

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A, preface Treacherous male riding must need treacherous male to play?In fact, the vast majority of people are not crooked male, big Dan here to treat the lack of arms and legs, let’s see how not crooked male treacherous male riding group.Two, the analysis of the traditional treacherous male riding, is generally such a group, and there are some variants, all million change from its zong, there are two key points: Cao Cao with treacherous male, Xia Houyuan zhang Liao with a large number of output.So if our Cao Cao does not take the treacherous male, xia Houyuan and Zhang Liao’s large output must be guaranteed.At the same time, in this case, Cao Cao is more worthy of sima Dun, it is suggested to replace guo Jia or Wang Yuanji, there are many alternative versions of Guo Jia, the following example is wang Yuanji’s alternative version.And don’t treacherous male words, this team will not be?Treacherous treacherous sword, the team’s help is mainly reflected in the first round of group insight, to ensure that we are not controlled, increase the probability of output, to assist Zhang Liao Xia Houyuan first round of a large number of output to occupy an absolute advantage.The traitor is powerful, but three things are not perfect.On the one hand, the output of Xiahou zhang and Liao depended on the probability even though there were treacherous males.On the other hand, either Zhang Liao or Xia Houyuan may not get the insight effect.Also, the insight effect is only before the first round of action.If this group does not want the treacherous male, does not want the Cao Cao, usually takes guo Jia, Wang Yuanji.With Guo Jia, the general has 2 turns of insight, with both advantages and disadvantages, but without cao cao’s massive damage.With Wang Yuen-hui, you can do a lot of damage with damage increases and combos, but lack insight stability.Let’s take a look at Wang’s version.This team is a variation from the treacherous male riders, not the treacherous male riders.The advantage is that Wang Yuanji can save naked blood, here is a question, zhang Liao or Xia Houyuan who eat combos better?Here it is suggested that Xia Houyuan’s force is the highest, eat Wang Yuanji’s combo.The upside is that it greatly increases the ability to control, improve the ability to follow up the counter-kill when we are accused, and Zhang Liao has the ability to lead the front.PS: With Zhang Liao’s combo attacks, when the front is likely to hit the enemy’s leader frequently, the control is slightly wasted.In terms of beheading ability, personal think, need not be in a hurry to behead, played fengshi Zhang Liao headshot team friends should know, won the battle is very little, but lost the battle loss can not be less, so properly reduce the ability of headshot, to the opponent evenly output is also a strategy to improve the battle.In terms of output capacity, Zhang Liao, Xia Houyuan, no matter who has a very good output capacity, there is no big difference.Integrated these points, I prefer to let Xia Houyuan eat combos.The disadvantage of this team is also very obvious, especially afraid of sheng Qi Ling enemy, although sometimes also played too, but originally suffered, had better not spell face, manual operation PVP is the best policy, at the same time not in sheng qi especially much of the early practice out, the earliest, the middle of everyone have 3 teams can practice out to play.Four, replace this team is just a version of it, if you want to develop this team to the extreme, you can let Zhang Liao eat Wang Yuanji’s combo, Xia Houyuan with a naked bloody battle + 100 riding hijacking camp, is the top match, the ability of MAX.Difference methods can use the methods of the same type of alternative, the match can be reduced, assault methods alternative or better find ~ fighters drive chi, butch ride if not, can only be leveling for, such as west cool fighters (because zhang liao,’s assault rate is very high, so the west cool fighters also very suitable for the group), and demoralizing the previous round of auxiliary methods.If the military generals are poor, such as Guo Jia and Wang Yuanji, it is also good to use Lejin to carry iron horse driving chi and Tiger and Leopard horse.5. War reports at a glance