“Warm Holiday 2” : Liu Tao old, Chen He grandiose, vacation, family, thriller, comedy

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“Warm Holiday 2” started on 2.7, Tencent video network iQiyi!It’s good, sixth this morning, but not like dressed-up!After the first more 4 sets, say look and feel!Liu Tao is a bully, Chen He ugly and grandiose!Opening, on a cocktail party, Liu Tao is elite!But the skin doesn’t seem to be doing so well!You can’t expect too much at 43!Ever since the Beginning was criticized for being pretentious, it’s been hard to look liu Tao in the eye as a strong woman, always thinking she’s faking it!Although “Ode to Joy” is really good!Why is she always called a “good wife”?Early played a lot of virtuous daughter-in-law role, I do not know why in recent years to play a strong woman?Have a kind of disconnection feeling to her!Of course, she herself is very inspirational, has been paying off her husband’s debts, is also very capable!Chen He plays the founder of an Internet company. Is it too grandiose to introduce his company’s products?Like a pyramid scheme, a look not reliable!What is this?This grandiose acting, this square and ugly big head, really do not see!He played kong Lingqi heard cheng Man to Dobby’s analysis is very unfavorable, worried about the investment, began to jump, even want to conquer her with men?The elder brother!I can’t eat when I see you!Still think wall dong, liao Liu Tao?How self-aware is that? Too much faith in men?These two are not having sex, are they?No matter how old Liu Tao is, Chen He is not worthy!The main actor and the main actress are very unpleasant, can we continue to watch the show?2. Thought it was a vacation show, but didn’t realize it was a family show?Or a thriller?I heard the first one was pretty good, and the second one was all changed!The first I have not seen, this a listen to the name of the drama “holiday warm 2″, there are some materials, guess is to play a holiday play!Cheng Tenman began to take his daughter to Sanya on vacation, on the plane only to find the wrong direction, was female two changed to Harbin!The beginning of the vacation failed, turned into a homecoming!This sixth-grade girl is amazing. She tricked her elite mom. How did the plane change?Is this achievable?Her parents are divorced, her father is in Harbin, she wants to find him!Her dad is Manjiang. I just saw him in Chasing the Light!He played an art teacher, cheng Tengmouth can not live their own waste wood artist!Not much acting!In a hurry in Harbin when the transfer saw a daughter, afraid of angry Cheng Tengu, did not dare to take her daughter away!Cheng Man and Tian Shuang went back to grandma’s home by train again.So a vacation, turned into a homecoming!You dragged in a bunch of people from home again!Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard!Sister Cheng Shu open b&B, do not make money, owe a ass of debt, wages are not open!But there came a candidate for chef, turned out to be a master’s degree in biology, to become a cook!Make a rice and it brings back the best memories for everyone. Amazing!And then stayed!Zhang Jiani is 35 years old, the state is good, someone specially to see her!Yang is not good with fish, become very gentle, read Cheng Shu live, through the dark paper period, came to find Cheng Shu, anchor and list a big brother’s love story is going to begin, seems to be a little magical!Yang is not good enough for Zhang Jiani!Just make do!Cheng Xiao plays Cheng Miao, a figure skater, whose performance is not ideal, but her parents are very supportive!Cheng Man’s father Is Cheng Man’s eldest brother.Isn’t that big mouth?You have a daughter that old?”My Own Swordsman” big mouth, feel still that young man, Jiang Chao, unexpectedly all 48, not small, can give Liu Tao when the elder brother, can give cheng Xiao when the father!Her mother, Humei, thought that Cheng Buckwheat was out of the GUI, which made the whole family fly and the dog jump. This family’s northeast talk is a bit funny!Jiang Chao is from northeast China, cheng Xiao is from Shenzhen. How can he speak so well in northeast China?Kind of funny!Grandpa is like a mountain eagle, raising deer in the woods all day long, which makes grandma very unhappy!This guy, Ni Big red bump face bald head strong, there are so not man-eating fireworks!Ni Ping plays cheng Qiao, Cheng Man, Cheng Shu’s mother, Cheng Miao’s grandmother, Tian Shuang’s grandmother, cheng Sanmin’s wife!Ni Ping and Ni Red noisy, very grounded!This family, every family is not quiet, every family has their own troubles!Is this supposed to be family fun?Should the plight of people of different ages be interpreted to resonate with everyone?And kong Lingqi to the northeast, with subordinates hit a black car to snow township, the road staged a thriller road film!On the way, people served them to eat and drink, but also worried that it was a black shop, it was too funny, right?This is another thriller, isn’t it?The show really wants to mix things up!Vacation, homecoming, family, growing up, thriller, comedy, you name it!This scriptwriter ability is big very ah, really can make up ah, what all put in!It’s a bit noisy!If you’re big enough, you can do it!”Beginning” happy brother, to Cheng Shu’s b&B when the chef, but liao Ran robbed, with him, add a lot of comedy!Liu Tao, again fierce elite, to the northeast is also a big ballastly flavor!Working elite, taking a tractor to a b&B, this is it!Nanchang of Jiangxi was born of her, also a mouth big ballastly son flavour, say northeast words quite funny!Cheng Shu’s former boyfriend became the first guest of the b&B, make Cheng Shu very crazy ah!Cheng Miao’s next boyfriend also appeared, but now just met, not in love!Kong Lingqi to the b&B, found chef Liao Ran is his friend!Okay, this show is hard to describe, you feel for yourself!It’s a comedy at heart!If you want to see a comedy, just look!I’m not going to play along!# Liu Tao # Chen He # Cheng Xiao #