How does prison feel with a VR headset?”The special education had a tremendous impact on me.”

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“This special education is really vivid and has a great shock to my heart. I will cherish the leniency of the country and do community correction.”Recently, the fourth Procuratorial Department of Minhang District prosecutors to minhang District Bureau of Justice community correction center, on-site supervision of three community correction objects for a special education activities, community correction objects Chen mou after receiving VR education, feeling extremely.This time, he experienced prison life in the meta-universe through VR headset, and felt the hardships of losing his freedom.When the criminals who have been sentenced to probation receive community correction in the community, some criminals have been sentenced to probation because they have not been detained before trial and have poor awareness of punishment and lack of rigid understanding of criminal judgment. They often violate the regulations of community correction supervision, and the serious cases will be sent to prison for execution.It is a difficult problem for the community correction work to enhance the sense of awe and awareness of the law.”If you want to be sincere, let them know first.”Prosecutors think try to community correction can be combined with the yuan universe of normalizing, using the VR technology such as virtual reality technology, a panoramic view of building and prison life consists of the environment, strengthen the education of community correction object warning effect, effectively improve the community correctional education pointedly, promote community correction from indifference to the precise management.Therefore, the procuratorial organ proposed to the Justice Bureau of Minhang District to make full use of VR equipment to carry out individualized correction, so as to promote the compliance of community correction objects.The district justice Bureau adopted the proposal and invited prosecutors to supervise VR personalized correction on site.The three students who participated in the special education program were sentenced to prison terms and suspended sentences for theft, false writing of value-added tax invoices, and traffic accidents.The three community correction subjects either had previous convictions, or had been reprimanded or warned for violating community correction management regulations.Let the three correction objects experience prison life in the meta-universe, so that the correction objects more clearly understand the consequences of illegal crimes, recognize the harmful behavior and deepen the sense of repentance, so as to more strictly restrict their own behavior, enhance the effect of education.”I didn’t expect this kind of education. Some scenes really touched me.I really don’t want to go to prison. My parents are not well and my wife is at home with the baby, who is only one and a half years old. What will they do if I go in?”Chen was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for a year, for stealing electricity.While in community correction, Chen was enticed into a card game while partying with friends.But it is also this game let Chen mou received a warning punishment, which let Chen mou regret.After receiving the VR education, Chen decided to strictly restrict his daily behavior and abide by the regulations during the community correction period.After the three community correction personnel received VR education, the prosecutor conducted conversation education with them respectively to deepen their awareness of punishment and identity, hoping that they could abide by the regulations during the community correction, improve their ideological awareness and integrate into the society smoothly.In order to organically integrate individualized correction and intelligent correction and normalize, professionalize and institutionalize this work, Minhang District People’s Procuratorate and The District Justice Bureau will jointly sign the Implementation Measures of Minhang District on Promoting Individualized Correction through the Application of “VR+ Education” Scenes in Community Correction.This is a specific measure to implement article 3 and Article 5 of the Community Correction Law, which will ground, take root and sprout the legal spirit of individualized correction and improving the informatization level of community correction contained in the legal provisions in judicial practice, and blossom flowery flowers in the execution of community correction penalties.The procurator and the department formed joint work force, constantly improved the execution quality of community correction penalty, targeted to eliminate the factors that the objects of community correction may re-commit crimes, help them become law-abiding citizens, and contribute judicial power to the construction of safety in Minhang District.Community Correction Law of the People’s Republic of China Article 3 The work of community correction shall adhere to the combination of supervision and administration with education and assistance, the combination of specialized organs and social forces, the adoption of classified management and individual correction, and the targeted elimination of factors that the objects of community correction may re-commit crimes, so as to help them become law-abiding citizens.Article 5 The State shall support community correction institutions to improve the level of informatization, and use modern information technology to carry out supervision, management and educational assistance.Relevant departments of community correction shall share information according to law.