Qingdao Laixi police warm heart “police matter” during Spring Festival

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China Shandong network – The perception of Shandong February 4 news, the Spring Festival, family reunion.But for the auxiliary police of the public security police, the Spring Festival means more mission and responsibility, means to give up the small family for everyone.In this filled with harmony and affection, filled with happiness of joy moment, Lacey public security police auxiliary police house for everyone, still stick to their jobs, guarding the joy and peace of thousands of families, they interpret responsibility and mission with action, with piles of warm heart police to protect the masses of peace.In the afternoon of February 2, water collection police station police patrol on the way, found a white electric tricycle fell into the roadside ditch, the police immediately stopped for rescue, in the owner of the first time rescued, they also work together to pull the three-wheeled electric car from the ditch on the shore.After learning that the owner of the relatives on the way home in order to avoid the opposite vehicle, even people with the car accidentally slipped into the roadside ditch, due to the timely rescue, the owner and the vehicle are not serious.Rescued man excited to say “thank you police comrade, thank you too!”Emergency rescue injured boy on January 31, New Year’s eve, population management brigade Beijing road on the patrol police on patrol near shengxin garden engineering, the side of the road suddenly a woman with children waving a police car parking, rangers shu-hui wang and others off immediately asked, knowing that the woman’s child dislocated arm is serious, the situation is urgent, immediately let the children and their parents went to the police car,Then all the way quickly escorted to the people’s hospital emergency department for treatment.After the doctor’s timely treatment, the child’s injuries were effectively disposed of.The family thanked him profusely.At 8 o ‘clock on February 4th, Laxi 110 received a villager’s alarm: a cow frightened out of control, to the surrounding people’s personal safety, the situation is very critical.After received the alarm, the dragon waterway management of public security police station and five squadron police brigade rushed to the scene the first time, the field to ask that, at 7 PM, the villagers home bred a head of cattle suddenly frightened out of control, outside the fleeing after free rein to the relatives and friends because of the Spring Festival of the crowd is more, if not timely treatment is likely to endanger safety of others.With the consent of the owner of the cow, the police immediately studied the disposal plan according to the situation on the spot, and finally shot the frightened cow to death in an open forest, eliminating the dangerous situation in time.On the afternoon of February 1, police from Shuiji Police station found an elderly man sitting on the side of the road, shivering from the cold.After asking the old man, he came out for a walk alone, on the way because of physical discomfort can not walk, there is no phone to contact his family, so he had to sit on the roadside to rest.Seeing this, the police immediately took the old man to the police car to keep warm, and according to the address provided by the old man will be safely back home.After learning of the old woman’s situation, the family expressed their gratitude to the police for their help.