Worthy of the hard party off-road, non-bearing body + full-time four-wheel drive, modelling atmosphere, Benz big G

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What happens when a car sells well in the SUV market?At least in the top-selling cars we’ve seen, we’ve seen nothing to fear.Honda CR-V with a bumper in the middle, Harvard H6 with only a replacement, and Honda Kinchi and Nissan Xalko with just a joke.But we’re talking about affordable family cars here, but for the top luxury products, the more popular they are, the more intensively they come out, like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class we’re going to see here.In addition to a symbol of the high-performance AMG version, like what reshipment edition collection, originality, time is a special edition, the night special edition and special edition on infection and so on, are designed for different years, special upgrade models, they have changed the coating, suite, there just had some advanced exclusive configuration.In fact, these so-called special edition, we can be summed up as “advanced”, but really speaking about the merits of the Mercedes G class, we have to start with the most basic version.The G-Class retains the “original look” of an OFF-road vehicle, the boxy geometric architecture of former military jeeps, which offers several distinct advantages:First, the geometric square frame structure can ensure the rigidity and torsional resistance of the car body, while minimizing the impact of a-pillar and other structures on the cabin vision, which is extremely important for an OFF-road vehicle.Secondly, off-road vehicles in order to ensure through Angle for body size, especially the wheelbase restrictions will be more serious, and luxury suv market consumers to take and storage space and have double requirements, so in the case of size rangers, adjust body pillar, panel with the flat design, can be improved the most effective in space.In fact, this can be seen from the data of Mercedes-benz G-class. Although it is a medium and large SUV, the actual body size is “only” 4877/1931/1975mm, and the wheelbase is 2890mm. With large height and wide design, the 185cm experience-holder can also get a fist and a half head space in the back row.Although the leg room is only a punch, the boxy trunk is well suited to the multi-functional task of deep off-road travel.Third, capacity of Mercedes engineers and designers need not wordy, but is it in the past ten years, maintained the box structure geometry model, largely because this is common in the past military car design, but in today’s mass production car market has become a kind of style restoring ancient ways.For all that comes with its geometric square frame, the G-Class is essentially the ultimate luxury suv.Introduction to take the G 350, from 12.3 inches dual LCD screen with the smart + connected to improve cockpit voices surround stereo sense of Berlin, environmental atmosphere lighting system, the intelligent navigation of intelligent driving limit distance, active lane keep to optimize take feedback all leather electric massage chair, after the whole vehicle sound insulation glass and privacy glass, etc.There are few bugs or overlooked items in the G-Class.In addition, in meet the cross-country, Mercedes G + 350 in addition to the former double fork arm after the combination of high rigid suspension bridge, ETS electronic limited slip system, suspension system with adaptive damping has enough to complete set of test block and tackle, all round and axial distribution between very relaxed, with no additional differential device.But in addition to the lockable central open differential, the G 350 also has a torque-amplifying transfer box and a combination of double differential locks on the front and rear axle, making it easy to get out of a situation when a single wheel is off the ground, stuck and so on.Of course, the 2.0-ton turbocharged engine in the engine bay has plenty of horsepower, 190kW(258Ps) and 370N·m of torque. It can accelerate 0-100km/h in 8.1 seconds with a 9g-tronic transmission.But it needs to be noted that this M264 series 2.0t turbocharged engine is not specifically developed for off-road vehicles, turbo lag in this tall and wide four-wheel drive off-road, will still be slightly obvious, which is why many people say that the big G start will have some meat.But as we said, the G-Class is not built for racing or conquering the road. The G 350’s powertrain is capable of high-rev bursts and climbing in off-road conditions. And the G 350 is never vegetarian on the road.The g-Class’s too-tight suspension may still be less than perfect in the city, but how can such a luxury off-road car be confined to the steel and concrete of the city?In snow, grassland, hills, and even mountain streams, deserts, it is the brick on the pyramid tip.