Yan Youyun: No exercise, no tonic, love to eat fat, two secrets to live to 112 years old

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Throughout the ages, how to live a long life has always been a topic of concern and hot discussion.After the unification of the six states, Qin Shi Huang wanted to prolong his reign more and more. He asked xu Fu, a famous chemist of the Qin Dynasty, to make him the elixir of immortality. In the final analysis, Qin Shi Huang could not give up the power and status of the emperor.In the long course of history, other emperors besides Qin Shihuang were addicted to making elixirs of immortality.As we all know, the ancient so-called elixir is a kind of chemical element products, eating will only accelerate death, immortality only exists in the legend.But with the development of science and technology civilization and the improvement of people’s living standards, people know that it is not realistic to live forever, and begin to pursue the road of health and longevity.In today’s society, a variety of health exercises, square dancing, a variety of beauty products, and a variety of health products, etc.People do all kinds of things to live longer, some of which are effective, but some of which are ineffective and almost kill them.But during the Republic of China, there was a yuan named Yan Youyun.She did not exercise or take supplements. Instead, she ate fat, a secret that helped her age to 112.Yan Youyun, fudan University flower Yan Youyun was born in Tianjin in 1905. She was a true bai Fumei. She was not only pretty but also wealthy.Yan Youyun has no worries about food and clothing since childhood.When she grew up, she became the beauty of Fudan University with her outstanding talent and good grades.Such a collection of beauty and talent in a woman, naturally also attracted a lot of people’s love and pursuit.Among the many admirers, Mrs. Yan chose Mrs. Young.Their love originated from a chance meeting and they fell in love at first sight.They fell in love at their best ages.After spending some time together, the two decided to get married.They have a very close family, and He is also a young and accomplished diplomat, and there was nothing to stop them from clarence, and they were married in the presence of their parents and with the best wishes of their close friends and family.Mrs. Yan is very happy and married, and He clarence takes her on trips abroad a lot. And even though she’s a mother of three, she clarence is very much loved by her as a child.And, well, after the Pacific War, he clarence rejected the Unreasonable demands of the Japanese, and he was secretly shot by the Japanese. He was 42 years old.Misfortunes never come alone, the Japanese not only killed yan Youyun’s husband, but also confiscated all the property where they live, yan Youyun without money.Not only was Ms. Yan’s husband killed, but six other people who worked at the consulate were also forced to leave.They also suffered the Arrest of the Japanese, Yan Youyun after her husband was caught to know that they are doomed, but she still can come back to her husband have weak hope.So despite the confiscation, she’s still going strong.She also stabilized the grief of six other wives.In the days of imprisonment by the Japanese, without money, she led the rest of the consulate to grow fruits and vegetables by herself, as well as chickens and ducks for living.While waiting for her husband, she did not delay the education of her children. As a talented woman in Fudan University, she was full of poetry and books since childhood and could speak many languages.She was herself very learned, so she acted as a teacher to the children.In her spare time, she did not forget to read to enrich herself.Until the victory of the War of Resistance against Japan, she was finally able to step out of the Cage of the Japanese circle.At the same time, she also received the news that her husband had been shot by the Japanese.Happy families are all alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.Yan Youyun at this time is unfortunate, she can only bury the pain in the heart, because she has three children need to raise.Eventually she took her children to The United States, leaving the place that had broken her heart.In a foreign country, Yan Youyun raised three daughters alone, and put them into training, can imagine how not easy.But good people shine wherever they go.Yan Youyun is undoubtedly a very excellent person.In the United States, even with three daughters to support, she kept on studying.The harder you work, the luckier you get.After becoming more fluent in English, she decided to look for a job.Yan Youyun has a strong knowledge reserve, good external conditions, as well as a generous way of dealing with people, all of which are liked by the United Nations protocol Department.Yan Youyun in the application, the smooth entry, she is the first employees of the United Nations.Yim youyun worked for the UN for 13 years and became one of the first Chinese women diplomats in the UN.In 1956, when she was over 50 years old, Yan Youyun met her true love again.After the children started their own families, she decided to bravely pursue true love. At the age of 54, Yan married gu Weijun, 71, and they were happily married.After Yan Youyun and Gu Weijun got married, she put most of her energy on taking care of gu Weijun’s life. She often accompanied Gu Weijun to chat and take a walk.Gu Weijun lived to 98 years old because of yan Youyun’s care.In his later years, Gu Weijun mentioned three words as the secret of his longevity: walking, eating less snacks and his wife’s care.Yan youyun later lived to 112 years old, but she said she never exercised, did not take any tonic, and especially liked eating fat meat.It turns out she has a secret to her longevity.In 2003, the 98-year-old Yan Youyun was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, the people around her are very worried about her condition, but Yan Youyun is happy to tell them, let them not worry, people have their own destiny.As it turns out, people who love life are always favored, and God rewarded Yan Youyun with a few more years of fun.The operation was very successful, and Yan Youyun recovered very well.Ill after yan Youyun continue to play, the game of the world.At the age of 100, Yan Youyun is actively looking for other pleasures besides all-nighters playing mah-jongg, attending parties and making food.Yan Youyun passed away in 2017.In fact, Yan Youyun’s secret to longevity is two, the first is to maintain an optimistic attitude towards life.After she was banned by the Japanese circle, not self-pity, quickly adjust mentality, self-reliance, alone in the United States life, still can mix the wind unripe water, and successfully bring up three daughters.Moreover, after she suffered from cancer, she did not become depressed, but comforted the people around her, and was not troubled by the illness.The second is to insist on the love of life.It is often said that we should live every day as if it is our last, and make every day colorful.Yan Youyun will find the joy of life every day, from her enjoyment of every kind of food and drink can be seen how Much Yan Youyun love life.Summary: people in this life can not be plain sailing, the most important thing is to relax and maintain a good state of mind.Because when something happens, no matter how angry, how angry, things will not be solved.Only let oneself calm down, relax the mood, can think of the solution.Laugh ten young, worry a worry white head.Wait until a thousand sails over, will find the original troubles and difficulties are not worth mentioning.