Great before the war is good!National forward line to determine the return of the triple crown, Zhejiang trouble

2022-06-15 0 By

The final four of the CBA playoffs will kick off with liaoning vs Shanxi and Guangdong vs Zhejiang.As the last four game tactical system, the most similar characteristics to the team’s two teams, tigers and zhejiang attracted the attention of so many fans of the war, the two sides meet twice in the previous season, both teams win a victory, but in a recent battle, zhejiang team victory over personnel not neat the guangdong tigers, seems to have the psychological advantage!Guangdong hongyuan before the war harvest three good, in the lineup has been changed.The first is China’s forward Ren Junfei, who will officially return in G1.Two fly in hongyuan has a very high tactical position, his return is bound to make the overall strength of hongyuan to improve.In addition, Zhejiang has confirmed a news, forward zhu Xuhang suffered injuries so that he can not return in the short term, he will be absent from the grand and Zhejiang series!Whether ren Junfei and Zhu Xuhang can participate in the game between Hongyuan and Zhejiang, to some extent, can be regarded as the key to the outcome of the two sides.Both players are very good forward players with high tactical status in their respective teams and can play a very important role in the game.Compared with Ren Junfei, Zhu Xuhang’s injury seems to be more serious, in the zhejiang warm-up games in these days, we still can not see Zhu Xuhang figure, proving that he really temporarily can not participate in the team’s training, also can not participate in the warm-up games, let alone directly play the fierce playoff.Zhu Xuhang, who was born in hongyuan Youth training, is praised as the representative figure of “playing hongyuan exclusively” in Zhejiang team, and even known as “Hongyuan nester”.Every time he played against Hongyuan, Zhu xuhang always played a superior performance, and basically no one on the hongyuan side could match him on both ends.His absence this time, let Zhejiang men’s basketball lost a big battle.Hongyuan side, before the injury of Ren Junfei, the injury was determined by the doctor as ordinary muscle strain, in theory, not a week can return to the game.And Du Feng is cautious, very simply let Ren Junfei directly even rest four games, even the playoffs did not play, directly jumped into the eight wars in four.Two fly in the hongyuan attack and defense system, no less than Zhu Xuhang in Zhejiang men’s basketball.As a master of disorderly combat, Ren Junfei is most suitable for the hongyuan and Zhejiang such high speed and attack and defense conversion of the game “steal chicken”.Winning the sixth man of the season, he will be most effective around Yi Jianlian.And two fly’s organizational ability is also very strong, with him in the second lineup, the overall fluency of hongyuan has been significantly improved.It can be said that the return of the two fly, can directly let the hongyuan war up a small grade!Du Feng lifted two fly this card, is hoping to give Zhejiang G1 a Xiama Wei!In addition to the return of two flying, hongyuan has a good, but for now they are not very significant.In a live interview with the team’s translator, superstar foreign aid Marshawn Brooks recently promised that he would continue to work with the team and that he would return to practice with the team earlier this offseason, even though he would not be back this season.”I hope I can continue to fight with my good brothers in The Chinese basketball Association (CBA),” marshang said.