Jilin beats Beijing!Guangsha into the biggest winner, net friend: much easier than Guangdong!

2022-06-15 0 By

The second half of the Chinese basketball Association (CBA) playoffs are underway this season, with a high-profile match between the powerful Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team and the giant killers Jilin.After some competition, the better state of jilin team rely on foreign aid Jones and erjiang’s outstanding performance, to 104-102 the luxury lineup of Beijing Shougang men’s basketball.After losing to jilin, which had only one foreign aid and rotated seven players, the Beijing team was also questioned by the outside world.And far in the standings of the second guangxia men’s basketball, seems to have become a no small winner.From the point of view of the competition, jilin team’s soldiers and soldiers really shocked the outside world.Jilin’s super killer Jones finished with 30 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists.In addition, Jiang Yuxing scored 17 points and Jiang Weize added 28 points, four rebounds and five assists.Li Muhao added 16 points and six rebounds, Fan Ziming added five points and seven rebounds, Lin added 23 points, four rebounds and four assists, Zhai Xiaochuan added nine points, 16 rebounds and four assists, and Raymond added 10 points and five rebounds.In fact, the Beijing team in this game has been the jilin team suppression.Lin and Gibson combined to help Beijing come back in the closing minutes, but Jilin was more deserving of the victory.In the early stages, Beijing relied on Lin’s individual attacks to hold the game in check, but Jilin relied on the output of Jones and Jiang Weize.The Beijing team had to take a timeout before Lin found his touch and fired on all cylinders to help the team catch up.But Jiang Yuxing and Jiang Weize’s attack was unstoppable, and The Beijing team soon fell behind by double digits again.The third section of the game, jilin team attack began to enter the crazy stage.Jiang weize’s unreasonable 3-pointer went straight to Lin, and Beijing shougang was overwhelmed on the offensive end.Li muhao tried to open the game inside, but Jiang yuxing’s score was not suppressed.Lin and Gibson did their best to help Beijing turn the game around in the final period, but Jilin tied the score on jiang Weize’s unreasonable 3-pointer.After Gibson’s final shot missed, Jones got key players to finish the game.It’s no easy task for the Beijing Ducks to advance to the first round of the playoffs.But it is certain that this state and personnel configuration, jilin team and Beijing team no matter who entered the first round will be basically swept by guangxia team.Beijing’s attack and defense could not be fought out at all, and the jilin team of 7 people rotated in front of the mansion could not hold up.So it seems that the guangsha team will not be too big a threat.On the other hand, guangdong team first round to play zhejiang team, semi-final but also dead knock Team Liaoning, and guangzhou team’s easy schedule is really huge.