King of Glory: 22 heroes have new skins planned, 11 heroes have skins confirmed

2022-06-15 0 By

Often see a lot of people leave a message, say what so-and-so hero’s skin how not return, so-and-so hero how not new skin and so on.In fact, many heroes have been revealed with new skins before.We just don’t know when.Among them, there are some heroes with new skins that are basically certain.And some others, just broke the news, whether the follow-up online, or unknown.But it’s better than nothing.Hou Yi hou Yi’s new skin, from the Year of the Ox during the Spring Festival, armoured jiangtian armor line has been Shouting to the present.For a whole year, everyone thought that this was the one time the glory was hidden in the skin.But did not expect this time the glory of the skin to zhuge Liang, let people feel surprised.Look, hou Yi’s machine armor skin, still need to continue to wait.Shangguan Waner shangguan Waner is new skin plan, originally everybody thinks this ice and snow section skin is to give her, but now discovery is ne Zha.So, we’ll have to wait and see what kind.I hope there’s a legend.Because she already has two limited epics.Sun Ce has a new skin, but Big Joe doesn’t, so it’s not like a couple’s skin.The doomsday mecha of Sun Ce that broke the news before this is quite good, hope can restart.Bian Que Bian Que that egg skin, has been Shouting for a long time, but every time is perfect miss.Calculate time, at least is also more than a year, it seems that has not planned to go online.Isn’t it just a brave skin?It’s either the second kill or the King crystal Store.Bai Qi Bai Qi was exposed before a skin, called midnight paradise.But later Zhong Kui on-line had called paradise wonderful night, seems to be a similar theme.Also, Zhong Kui and Bai Qi also have similar hook skills, so people have to guess, do these two have a series of skin with the same theme?He also has a new skin, since he lost FMVP, World Champion, KPL, players are looking forward to the next time, he will have a chance to turn a.This hero, though controversial, can come with any one of more than three skins.Wu Yan Zhong wu Yan Zhong’s new skin, no guess what it is.Maybe it will be a direct sale of epic, after all, Zhong Wuyan’s heat is not low, but skin is also the beach beauty in the scene.Kinghammer has too few players.Yao, Yunzhong Jun Yao and yunzhong Jun’s new skin, should be the skin of lovers.It should be out when work starts after Seventh day.This possibility is relatively high.Of course, it’s possible if Yao gets a new skin on her own, like on The 7th or 8th of March.The new skin of the diao Cicada is confirmed and there are still 3 months to go before it goes online.This skin is the player voted out of diao Chan’s fifty-fifty black section skin.Zhuang Zhou, Yu Ji, Li Bai, Gao Chien from zhang Liang, the five heroes of the new skin is also basically determined, they are the members of the team days show, which was finally revealed zhang Liang, is rumored to be the role of the coach.And these five skins, should be ordinary epic skin.And according to legend, high gradually from the day of the show team skin will be among them the fastest line.Gongsun from gongsun from the skin, basic is certain, as before the news, her new skin, is the journey to the West princess skin.The launch time has not been seen yet.But journey to the West skin also only left two, should also soon online.Golden cicada golden cicada’s new skin should not say more, is the tang Monk’s skin journey to the West.May be because the golden cicada just online, afraid of being said to sell the skin to new hero, so tang’s skin is not so morning line, and then inserted in the middle of zhen Ji’s daughter king skin.Mengqi mengqi’s new skin, which was once suspected of being the skin of the Ice festival, was introduced as the mascot.But as things stand, it doesn’t look like it.I don’t know what else it is.But Mengqi’s lack of epic skin is real.Guan Yu guan Yu’s new skin, is alone, so should also be independent.Saying is KPL skin before, but after the KPL skin line of lens, the message of guan Yu new skin did not have a bit of sound.Aguduo aguduo’s new skin, previously suspected to be warwring skin.But S26 season war skin exposure, Aguduo new skin also did not have any news.Yuan Song Yuan song’s new skin needless to say, is the fourth source of dream skin.Ma Chao’s new skin is Fly’s FMVP skin.Due to the delayed launch of the game system and the lack of official publicity, it seems that many people do not know that Ma Chao also has an FMVP skin coming out.Lub lub’s new skin, also FMVP skin, is a skin customization from eStar.There are a total of 22 heroes above, and these are the heroes who have been revealed to have new skin.Of the 22 heroes, more than half are almost certain to get new skins.The rest of it is basically just a new skin, what it is, whether it will actually be online, these are unknown, there may be changes in the future, may be canceled.But if it’s not particularly problematic, it’s basically online.