Strive to take the new road

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In 2021, Pingshun county will take an important step on the road of striving to take the new exams.Strengthen the foundation, ensure people’s livelihood, focus on projects, seek development, and promote economic transformation.The “three foundations” were consolidated — eight channels of water were attracted, 20 administrative villages completely bid farewell to the history of dry well water, and the county water pipe network renovation project completed the annual target task.– Promoted the licheng expressway from Pingshun to Lingchuan to be included in the provincial “14th Five-year plan”.- Opened the south to the West ditch north to the fifth well urban framework.”Four development” comprehensive promotion – the first da Hongpao Pepper cultural festival and the first lu Dangshen cultural festival shine loudly “special” brand, lu Dangshen, pepper, potato, drylands vegetables “four brands” hot best-selling.– Successfully introduced the wind, light and storage integration project of Power China, one of the world’s top 500 companies, introduced alibaba marking base, and established and put into operation enterprises such as Big Country Leather Industry…Garment, pharmaceutical, new energy, new materials, “four industries” plate to enable people to achieve doorstep employment.– The first homestay Development Conference was successfully held, rural tourism homestay was upgraded, the establishment of 5A scenic spots started in an all-round way, the planning of Xigou Model workers’ Cultural Park was pushed forward at full speed, and the “four business modes” of scenery tour, red tour, ancient construction tour and rural tour made the people’s “tourism bowl” more stable.– The reform of “commitment system + standard site + agency” has been vigorously carried out, and the business environment has been further improved. The national Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, provincial eco-cultural Tourism Demonstration Zone, municipal new-type industrial park and Xigou Model Workers’ Cultural Park at county level have been fully energized.Strengthening the party building in an all-round way — advancing the study and education of party history in a solid way, we made the decision to learn from Yue Wanzeng, who was honored on the list of “Good People in China”. The county drew strength from examples, gathered the passion of the officers, and promoted the high-quality transformation and development of Pingshun.The new village (community) “two committees” were optimized in terms of age structure, education level and gender ratio. All the provincial, municipal and county rural revitalization task forces were deployed to villages to carry out their work, and the new “leading goose” was selected to take over the “baton” of rural revitalization.People’s livelihood has developed vigorously — education, health, culture and other undertakings have yielded fruitful results. The county has won the critical battle against epidemic prevention and disaster relief with unity of one mind, demonstrating its strength and responsibility for peace.A new era, a new journey. In 2022, Pingshun County will embark on a new road, vigorously consolidate the “three foundations” and promote the “four Development”, consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, comprehensively promote rural revitalization, and strive to write a new chapter in high-quality transformation and development.Building roads, revitalizing water and building cities are the three basic principles to improve people’s happiness. “I have been thinking about it all my life, and eight channels of water have come!”Longxi town bottom river village Yang changed into the kitchen, only to hear “hua hua” the sound of water flow quickly filled with hot water kettle.For villages that have met the requirements of the “four standards” for drinking water safety since poverty alleviation, but are still restricted by factors such as capital, water source, climate and terrain, Pingshun County has implemented 22 drinking water projects and eight water projects for the development of village industries, completely eliminating the history of drinking “dry water”.In August 2021, the water pipe network was put into dihe Village. Yang Gaize, who had eaten dry water all his life, put down the pole and drank eight channels of water.The 22 village industrial development drinking water project and eight channel water lifting project are an important part of the construction of pingshun big water network. In the past, Pingshun let the people eat safe water. Now, the construction of big water network let the people bid farewell to dry water and eat high-quality stable water.This year, the pingshun “big Water network” project continues to promote the development of rural industries along the eight channels of water lifting project to expand drinking water area and increase efficiency, and vigorously promote the western tableland industrial and agricultural water replacement project, constantly consolidate and enhance the capacity of water supply security.More let Yang change is happy, not only drink the eight water, and the change of the road.From Yang change is living in the yi to help the poor relocation area out, drove on the new taihang no. 1 tourist road, the tourist road with black oil, slowly stretching into the depths of the mountains, taihang scenery outside the window stretching, a mountain a scene, mountain scenery shift, beautiful.Great traffic brings great development, smooth and continuous in great traffic.Break through the closed geographical environment restriction, accelerate the national highway 341, the “four good rural road” to folks home, was south road and taihang 1 tourism highway Yang Li Cheng section height on the province transportation project plan in 2022, the county road open to traffic mileage reached 1369 kilometers, the road network density is 90.7 km / 100 square kilometers,The modern transportation system with internal links and external links is improving day by day.”The society is so good now!Roads, water and new houses!”Yang change is feeling the changes in the village, smile hanging on his face.In 2022, Pingshun will make every effort to open up the outbound road, actively improve the tourism road, comprehensively upgrade the rural road, and speed up the construction of “large traffic”.Draw a good picture, plastic a city.In order to improve the happiness index of the masses, Pingshun put forward the goal of building a big county town, and the overall planning of the county style.South to Xigou model worker culture park, north to Taihang e-commerce town of the county frame fully opened, model workers avenue into xigou county deputy central city integrated construction of the link, Zhangjing village to zhongwujing village central heating pipe network project completed and put into use, water, heating, pipe, network and other construction improvement.”It’s not so crowded to take children to and from school. Widening Wenwei Road is a real achievement.”Wenwei Road (Zhuangyuan Road – dianli residential area) widening reconstruction project is one of the ten practical promises for the people, but also an important part of the high standard construction of the big county.The widening and reconstruction of the middle section of Wenwei Road, the reconstruction of the footpath from the middle bridge to the footbridge, and the rain and sewage diversion project at the bottom of the mountain were successfully completed…Big county construction hoof fast and steady.The smiling faces and praise of the masses are the report cards smoothly handed over.Last year, Pingshun was successfully selected as “National Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Area”, was named “National Urban and rural transportation integration demonstration County”, Xigou Village General Party branch won the title of “National Advanced grassroots Party organization”, the renovation of dilapidated rural houses was notified by The State Council award…One by one, practical matters concerning people’s livelihood, such as education, medical care and elderly care, have been implemented.This year, smooth around to fill short board, plastic style, quality, to city county deputy center and the north taihang XiGou electricity town as the breakthrough point, promote the county “south into north extension”, and start the county south river waterfront green space landscape construction and wenbo, tourist hub construction, accelerate the implementation of urban book, rural cultural memory the cultural projects, such as improving city grade,Make the happiness of the town visible and tangible.We should take the lead in blazing a new path in the process of transforming development. This is the fundamental and only way out for smooth development.”The 13th Five-Year plan”, the smooth earth a bumper harvest, a piece of medicine fields green, neat rows of photovoltaic panels shining, a farmhouse let the villagers face full smile…The village is full of vitality and the villagers are rich because of their wealth.In the 14th Five-year Plan, we should focus on development, seek transformation, and work smoothly on new roads.Centering on the construction of the first, second and third industries and the park, the working ideas of promoting and strengthening the “four brands” of agriculture, boosting and expanding the “four sectors” of industry, speeding up the “four formats” of excellent culture and tourism, and improving the quality and quality of the “four parks” of the county are determined to integrate the strong driving force of transformation and development.Dahongpao pepper, lu Dangshen is pingshun national geographical indication products.Last year, qingyang town lu party ginseng base selected for the first batch of “three products a standard” base, national modern agriculture (Chinese herbal medicine) industrial park through the national mid-term performance evaluation, especially in the first da Hongpao pepper cultural festival and the first lu Dangshen cultural festival successfully held, “Pingshun specialty” more popular.This year, Pingshun has built a core demonstration area for the standardized planting of Dahongpao Pepper industry, built a standardized pepper plantation, a prickly pepper picking experience park, and a collection and distribution center of agricultural products to develop Dahongpao pepper with characteristics.At the same time, relying on the creation of Pingshun County authentic Chinese medicine agricultural science and technology park, intensive development of Chinese medicine.Brand sound, but also rely on “touch the net” development.New tai town in electricity through the electricity supply chain, gathered a large number of electricity enterprises, expand the specialties of the uplink channel, “95 after” electricity girl Wang Yani let mountain forest products, polish your product agricultural development co., LTD. “herbal tea” brand, the original ruby opens the family electricity story, with the help of electricity, smooth ran out of the country revitalization “acceleration”.Alibaba’s AI big data labeling project has been successfully settled in Taihang E-commerce Town, and Pingshun is striving to build itself into an e-commerce industry highland of the whole city and even the whole province.At the same time, the city’s largest vegetable cold chain storage base was built and put into operation, and nine lu Dangshen planting base to increase production and income for the masses.The advantage of agriculture benefits from the advantage of smooth ecology, which in turn promotes smooth tourism to new heights.January 19, Pingshun county yuejiazhai Cliff house, Dongping b&B and other b&B won the first shanxi “most beautiful Taihang home” title, pingshun county has become the most beautiful taihang home.Relying on the favorable ecological environment and unique tourism resources, Pingshun has made every effort to build itself into a world-class resort destination for health and recreation.We will upgrade star-rated scenic spots, build high-end rural homestays, and accelerate the construction of smart tourism.Buajia Mountain Kiln Cave and Dongping Mountain Residence were completed and put into operation. The first Homestay Development Conference was successfully held, and the four business formats of scenic, red, ancient and rural tourism continued to accelerate.By the end of 2021, the county has created 3 provincial-level 3A rural tourism demonstration villages, 11 provincial-level tourism poverty alleviation demonstration villages and 33 municipal rural tourism poverty alleviation demonstration villages, driving more than 46,000 people to increase their income and become rich, and was rated as the first batch of “Advanced Counties in cultural tourism Construction” in the province.The tourism industry of Pingshun has changed from “scenic spot tourism” to “whole region tourism”, and the grand tourism pattern has been built comprehensively.Economic development depends on high-quality projects.The three major projects with an investment of 10 billion yuan of Power China Pumped storage power station, wind power photovoltaic and equipment manufacturing Industrial Park were officially signed. Alibaba (Pacific Bank) digital Demonstration Base was officially settled. Nester luggage poverty alleviation workshop was put into operation in two weeks.We will focus on project development, improve the business environment, and pool the strength for development.Countries currently, smooth relying on modern agricultural industrial park, provincial ecological cultural tourism demonstration area, the new industrial park, XiGou model cultural park “four big park”, the clothing processing industry positively, gather strength development of the pharmaceutical industry, speed up the expansion of new energy industry, promote the new material industry, constantly extend downstream products, expand the industrial chain, foster new economic growth point.Study by example, set an example, drive by force, unite, forge new roads, join forces, and make things smooth is the hometown of model workers. Diligence and simplicity are the essence of smooth.”You are the last salesman in the mountains, carrying the basket over the mountains, trekking, cycling for more than 20 years…In order to make a promise, you stick to the deep mountains to serve the people for sixty years “, 2021 “Moving Changzhi” Person of the Year award ceremony was tender, on the podium, Yue Wanzeng raised the cup, the audience broke into rounds of applause, to give the old man high respect.Yue Wanzeng, a 77-year-old pingshun elder, was selected as one of the “Good People of China” in 2021 and officially joined the Communist Party of China (CPC).Beginner’s mind such as rock to the future, race to open a new bureau.The broad cadres and masses of the county consciously look up to Yue Wanzeng comrade, further carry forward taihang spirit, model worker spirit, solid development of party history study and education, in the consolidation of the “three foundations”, promote the “four major development” on the achievements.Under the guidance of the example, the county has continued to strengthen party building, successfully completed the three-level reelection of counties and villages, and all the three-level rural revitalization teams at the provincial, municipal and county levels have been stationed in the village to carry out their work. The cohesion and combat effectiveness of grassroots cadres have been further strengthened.In the summer and autumn of 2021, Pingshun County suffered historically rare heavy rainfall and severe floods, which affected the county to varying degrees and caused various losses of 630 million yuan.In the face of the flood situation, Pingshun gan group of concentric, united, the courage to bear, the front line, to win the waterproof, fire prevention, epidemic prevention battle., meanwhile, are strong policy measures, look at revenue expenditure, industrial jobs, housing security, drinking water safety, education, health care “six key”, carry out a line of big visits, grass-roots level to send warm and potential for large screen, raise rescue aid, a reconstruction to be completed, the selected tree bear good typical “six big action”.”If it weren’t for the party and the government helping us rebuild after the disaster, I wouldn’t even dare to think about the rest of my life!”Looking at his new house capped, north Tan car township smoke camel village Villagers Shen Junling was happy from ear to ear.All the departments at all levels of the county made donations to promote post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, prevent people from falling back into poverty due to the disaster, resolutely guard the bottom line of not falling back into poverty on a scale, and protect the achievements of poverty alleviation.Pursue the dream of a new journey, together to the future.In 2022, Pingshun will start again on consolidating the “three foundations” and promoting the “four development”.Source: Pingshun Rong Media Center, Edited by Cao Yuping