Valentine’s Day enthusiasts have a few people make it to the end

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February 14th is coming. Many young people will celebrate Valentine’s Day on this day.Valentine’s Day is a very important day for many young people.Almost all lovers, including married ones, don’t seem to show their affection to one another on this day, as if life isn’t perfect.The so-called lover, generally refers to each other with special feelings of the people, all sentient beings, can be called lovers.According to the different sex of the person can be distinguished for male lover, female lover.A married lover, an unmarried lover.Since it’s a relationship, of course you can celebrate Valentine’s Day.In the Northern and Southern Dynasties bao Zhao “West Door of the Moon City” poem said: “In the Light Of the Cover, stay to drink for the lover.”Tang Dynasty Yuan Jiao “Gan Ze ballad · Yuan View” in the poem: “Ashamed lovers visit each other far, this body is long though the opposite sex.Wei Yingwu of tang Dynasty “send fen City king master book” in the poem: “The grass will be drawn up, lover’s hometown more.”The “lover” in the poem refers to friendship, which has nothing to do with sex.Song Dynasty Guo Maoqian compiled “Yue Fu poetry collection · Qing Shang Quci 1 · midnight four song autumn song 2” : “lover is not still lying, ye swim step moon.”Song Dynasty Zhao Lingzhi “Business tone butterfly love flower · Yingying biography” drum zi ci: “the flower moves against the wall red calyx pendent, clearly suspected is a lover to.”Tang Xianzu of the Ming Dynasty “Peony Pavilion · Pictorial” : “there is also the portrayal of beauty’s own, sent with the lover.””, “lover” is another name for a lover.The definition of the real lover no longer has the pure and beautiful connotation of the past.It is generally accepted that a lover is a passionate man or woman who cannot be legally married for reasons of law, morality or sex.Usually refers to sexual partners outside marriage.For married people, a lover is an unmarried affair or a third person.The young men and women who do not aim to get married and maintain a special intimate relationship with the opposite sex are also called lovers.According to Chinese tradition, when two people fall in love and are unmarried, they are called lovers, or lovers.This kind of opposite-sex attraction love, usually during the period of love will never separate.The ways of communication between lovers are usually dating, exchanging gifts, maintaining intimacy and so on.In some western countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 by men and women exchanging chocolates, greeting cards and flowers to express love or friendship.Because of western cultural traditions, people regard lovers, lovers and extramarital affairs as lovers’ relationships.There are different legends about Valentine’s Day in the West. In one legend, valentine fell in love with the blind daughter of the prison warden after being sent to prison for breaking church rules.He healed the girl’s eyes with herbs he collected in prison, and when she regained her sight, he was sent to the gallows.This day happened to fall on February 14, leaving behind a sad love story that formed the Western Valentine’s Day.The second legend is that ancient Rome in February to celebrate the Festival of Lupercalia, with the expansion of Rome’s power, the festival was brought to France and Britain and other places.People in the Festival of lupercalia this day, to put the young women’s names placed in the box, by the young man stepped forward to extract.A man and a woman will become lovers.Later, the Christian Church will be lupercalia into Valentine’s Day, and moved to February 14.In this way, the legend of valentine and the ancient festival was combined together.The Pope proclaimed February 14 as Valentine’s Day in 498 AD, and it has been fixed ever since.According to the third story, Claudius, a Roman tyrant in the third century AD, banned marriage ceremonies in his country and even required those already married to break off their engagement.Saint Valentine, the venerable friar, could not bear to see pairs of partners parting, so he helped couples officiate the wedding ceremony in secret.After this matter was known by the tyrant, he put St. Valentine into prison tortured to death.St. Valentine died on February 14, 270 A.D. People in order to commemorate the struggle against the tyrant and die st. Valentine, February 14 evolved into today’s Western Valentine’s Day.The working people of China created a story called The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl when they sang the praises of love.According to legend, the celestial star Vega fell in love with a cowherd, and the two married and gave birth to a pair of children.When the Queen Mother found out about this, she separated the two and arrested zhinv to heaven.Cowherd took a pair of children straight to the sky, was the queen mother to draw a river will be husband and wife on both sides of the river.Later, the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother saw that the weaver Girl and the Cowherd were truly in love. They were allowed to meet each year on the night of the seventh day of the seventh lunar month by magpies built a bridge over the Heavenly River.Thus, the Chinese Valentine’s Day was formed.Young men and women in love will face the stars and pray for a happy marriage when they date each year on Chinese Valentine’s Day.Legend has it that if the young men and women lie under the grape trellage that night, they can hear the cowherd and the Weaver whisper.In fact, whether it is western valentine’s Day or Chinese Valentine’s Day, both contain the spirit of sacrifice for the sake of love.However, now many young men and women only know the valentine’s Day, do not know the connotation of valentine’s Day.Many boys buy gifts for girls they like on Valentine’s Day, and some girls even expect their boyfriends to buy gifts for them.If the boyfriend does not buy gifts, they will say that the boyfriend does not love them, and will lose their temper, or even temper, so as to make a fuss.There is a TV program, two young people bickering on the stage, the girl publicly accused the boy: “You don’t buy me a gift on valentine’s Day, just don’t love me.”I once knew four girls who lived in a dorm room in college. One of the most beautiful girls fell in love with a master’s student during college.They loved each other so much that almost every month they celebrated the day when their relationship was confirmed, especially on Valentine’s Day.I said to one of the girls at the time, “It’s hard for them to follow through. There’s too much formality between them.”Facts also proved my judgment, the girl graduated from college and married another boy, the boy with whom she celebrated Every Monday also found a new love.This shows: true love, form is not important, important is the connotation.In real life, the author often comes into contact with some marriage disputes. Most of the young men and women who get divorced soon after marriage are particularly romantic before they get married and attach great importance to Valentine’s Day.Almost every year on Valentine’s Day, cafes, bars and private rooms for lovers are full.The young men and women who date on this day, some are true lovers, some are pure lovers.They spend valentine’s Day passionately and emotionally, but it usually ends badly.The main reason is that Valentine’s Day is just a formality, and true love is free from formality.Many young people in the period of passionate love, mutual vows and pledges, not you do not marry, not you do not marry, it can be said that love is firm.However, how many people can really do it?Weaver and cowherd for love can abandon the fairy into all;Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai for love can give up butterflies;Zhou Wenyong and Chen Tiejun can announce their marriage on the execution ground.Since ancient times, true love can move heaven and earth, they are not pursuing the form of love, but the pursuit of the true meaning of love.”Life is precious, love is more valuable, if it is free, both can be thrown away.”This poem has an unparalleled view of love.There are two pieces of ancient Chinese poetry that can give people a deeper experience of the power of good love: the vows of a newly married couple, expressing their mutual devotion to each other, still move people today.Bodhissat-man pillow before hair to do a thousand wishes, “to rest and such as green mountains rotten, said the surface weight floating, until the Yellow River completely dry.””In the daytime, the Beidou back to the south, rest neither rest, and stay in the sun.”This is a conversation between man and bird.A young woman was standing in front of the window missing her husband who had not returned from the war. A magpie chirped good news on the branches of the window, disrupting the young woman’s meditation.The woman angrily caught the magpie locked in the cage, then there are people and magpie dialogue wonderful and matchless love words.The magpie tread for ax to grind the magpie more rambling, send happy ever have evidence?Several times fly to live extraction, lock the golden cage Hugh language.”Like a kind heart to send happiness, who will lock me in a golden cage.I want her to return early and leave me in the clouds.”