Deep learning Benedict Action | tianjin wu qing bureau: help the thermal transfer printing carpet group standard smoothly through the audit

2022-06-16 0 By

In order to further optimize the business environment and promote the development and promotion of characteristic industries in the area, Wuqing District Market Supervision Bureau identified the industry incision and the demand of standard enterprises, and participated in the formulation of the standard of “Heat Transfer Printing Carpet” from April 2021.The standard has now passed the audit smoothly and has become the first carpet variety group standard in Wuqing District.In recent years, due to the limitations of scientific and technological level and enterprise scale, the regional carpet industry as a whole has problems such as low access threshold and backward production standards, which restrict the development of enterprises and the promotion of brand competitiveness.Wuqing District Bureau took the initiative to connect with industry chambers of commerce, enterprises and standard issuing institutions, and formed a cooperation mechanism between government departments, enterprises and professional institutions.Through in-depth research, combining with the jurisdiction carpet industry present situation, finally confirmed by variety, high sales of thermal transfer printing carpet as the breakthrough point, promote the industry quality improvement and standardization construction, with small incision leverage, in a single product to drive all kinds of big industry, change the government to promote active for the enterprise, beacon, post-mortem to advance implementation with the aim of point with surface for development.Before the formulation of this standard, there was no similar standard for reference in China.The bureau invited tianjin product quality supervision and testing technology research institute carpet research center experts, many times visited the area carpet enterprises, carry out research, collected a large number of samples and data.At the same time, strengthen the communication and coordination with the chamber of commerce of the industry, actively guide enterprises to participate in the bidding work of the group, and promote the successful project of the standard of “Heat transfer Printing Carpet”.Scientific standard construction, comprehensive verification of heat transfer printing carpet of various types, complex process, not only to consider to improve the standard of science and technology, but also to adapt to the technological level of enterprises, the standard is difficult to establish.In order to ensure the standard is scientific, validity, drafting team actively carry out internal discussions and indicators project experiment, refer to a number of similar varieties, and entrust the national quality supervision and inspection center of carpet in 30 batches of product authentication, emphasis on the appearance, design and color, degumming, flame retardant, anti-skid project conducted a comprehensive demonstration.At the same time, in order to carry out the concept of green products, but also specifically increased formaldehyde content and pollution resistance two technical indicators, to improve product quality, increase the added value of products.The final verification results were all up to standard, and the work of standard submission, public solicitation, and standard submission was completed.In January 2022, the standard of Heat transfer Printing carpet will be approved by expert demonstration and video, and will be officially released and implemented in March.Wuqing District Market Supervision Bureau will continue to adhere to the development of services and strengthen supervision, based on the actual area, give full play to the functions of the department, for the construction of “Beijing and Tianjin pearl, happy Wuqing” unremitting struggle.