Musk can’t sit still!Volkswagen plans to acquire Huawei’s autonomous driving unit at a price of more than 10 billion yuan

2022-06-16 0 By

At present, overseas media revealed that Volkswagen is currently in talks to acquire Huawei to acquire the autonomous driving department. It is reported that the transaction price of this project is expected to be several billion euros, equivalent to MORE than ten billion YUAN.Meanwhile, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess said in an international social media q&A session on Tuesday that autonomous driving technology will be widely used in the next 25 years, and Volkswagen is seeking further cooperation in related technologies and improving its own software.According to overseas media, Peter Mertens, former head of r&d at Audi, also revealed in an interview that none of the 10 million lines of code in ID.3 was written by Volkswagen engineers.Obviously, Volkswagen is still in a weak stage in software upgrade. If it succeeds in acquiring the autonomous driving department in the future, Volkswagen will also significantly improve its autonomous driving technology and software upgrade, and its technical field will be on a par with Tesla.According to the previous plan of Volkswagen Group, the proportion of self-developed software will increase to 60% of the models put into production under the brand by 2025.In a statement at the end of last year, Volkswagen also said it would spend 73 billion euros on upgrading electric vehicles and self-driving related technologies, and increase its digital investment budget to 27 billion euros to develop core software such as car operating systems.In this era of rapid development in the field of new energy, automotive software and hardware have also become a double-edged sword. It remains to be seen whether Volkswagen can seize this opportunity.