Sally kills 14 Sword Girl!Overnight collation of evidence jedi counter-kill, net friends bluntly: ironclad evidence

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In recent days, the league of Heroes anchor circle can be said to be very not peaceful, each player crazy eat melon.First of all, douyu anchor pattern and day gray mutual tore caused many players to watch, and tiger teeth anchor Sally is in the live sharps day gray and pattern events, but unexpectedly, as the masses of Sally was the same as tiger teeth anchor fourteen Sword Ji open group!Fourteen sword ji directly pointed at Sally in the live, there are two main points, one is the “actor event”, two is “Sally female list one event”, fourteen sword ji even invited Sally’s female list one – former girlfriend ball ball.However, unexpectedly, Sally stayed up all night sorting out evidence and information, directly in the night of February 17 to complete the Jedi counter-kill, let’s take a look!The first is about Sally and female list one incident, Sally on fourteen sword ji and ball ball of the accusation one by one refuted, and gave the studio video, recording and chat records and other hard evidence!First of all, it is the chat record when She added Her friend to Sally. It is easy to see that She has been very active in teasing Sally, but Sally was not moved, and even refused several times.Sally admitted that she was only 18 at the time, so she couldn’t resist the temptation.Second, She also responded to beau’s claim that she gave Her gifts because she was together.Sally dug out the chat records at that time, it can be seen that in April, Qiu Qiu himself said they were not together, but now it is a different story, is obviously lying, Sally proved his innocence.The third point is the so-called “cheating minors”. However, it can be clearly seen in the chat records posted by Sally that Qiu Qiu said he was 19 years old when he was 18, even one year older than Sally who was 18 at that time, so “cheating minors” is nonsense.The fourth point is “to ask for a gift from the girl”. However, it is clear from the chat history posted by Sally that She told Him not to give him a gift as early as April, 2018.For the evidence Sally gave, the net user bluntly – ironproof as a mountain!The other thing is about the original “allusion to fourteen Sword Hime actors”, which Sally also proved her innocence, first of all, the game had actors, and finally was officially banned, Sally said that she was not alluding to fourteen Sword Hime at all.It is no exaggeration to say that in this PK, Sally is undoubtedly a complete victory and proved his innocence, while fourteen Sword Ji is a complete defeat.What do you think about that?